Cuenca Ecuador Neighborhoods (Episode 146)

Xavier from Apartamentos Otorongo showed us the outer neighborhoods of Cuenca in this Cuenca Ecuador Neighborhood Tour. In addition to owning and operating Apartamentos Otorongo, Xavier offers city tours and a variety of other more adventurous outdoor activities in Ecuador.

Cuenca’s Outer Neighborhoods

Cuenca Outer Neighborhood Map

We started our Cuenca neighborhood tour in Turi to get a bird’s eye view of the city, then we worked our way east of town before looping back to the north and then west.

  1. Turi
  2. Ciudadela de los Ingenieros
  3. Machangara
  4. Challuabamba
  5. Colinas de Challuabamba
  6. Cebollar
  7. San Joaquín

Cuenca’s Inner Neighborhoods

Cuenca Inner Neighborhood Map

We haven’t toured all of the inner neighborhoods yet, but we have videos from several of them. We’ll keep this updated when we have more.

  1. El Centro
  2. San Sebas
  3. Gringolandia
  4. El Batan
  5. Sucre
  6. Don Bosco
  7. El Vergel
  8. Cañaribamba
  9. Totoracocha
  10. Miraflores

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