Our videos show you what life is really like in Ecuador! We share things like cost of living, safety info, property & neighborhood tours, lessons learned, things to do, ugly truths, city comparisons, and more.

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About Amelia And JP

We’re Amelia And JP. In 2017, we sold everything we owned, moved to Ecuador with our two dogs, and launched a YouTube Channel to document this crazy adventure.

Each week, we post new entertaining and informational videos about being expats living and working online in our small South American country.

If you’ve dreamed of living a higher quality of life for a lower cost of living, we can show you how!

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It has taken us YEARS to build our list of trusted, qualified service providers in Ecuador who specialize in helping expats, and we’re happy to introduce you to them.

We ONLY recommend service providers who we’ve either worked with directly, or who came highly recommended. Hopefully, our referrals will make your life just a little bit easier, and give you more peace-of-mind whether you’re planning a move to Ecuador, or already live here.

Ecuador Expat Fast Track eCourse

Ecuador Expat Fast Track eCourse

We created the course we wish we had when we moved to Ecuador in 2017. We felt our way around in the dark and learned every lesson the hard way. And some of those lessons cost us a lot of money!

This course will make your move to Ecuador easier, faster and cheaper than ours was!

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