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Kerala Farewell Feast + Niraamaya Resort Tour

Kerala Farewell Feast w/ the Family + Niraamaya Resort Tour – India Part 13 (Episode 106)

This is the final video from our trip to 4 continents in 4 weeks. Chinnu and Abin’s family had a feast to celebrate the marriage, and to honor the attendance of the 4 gringos.

We also wanted to share our experience at Niraamaya Retreats in Kovalam because it was so memorable and amazing. Our beachfront cottage was very comfortable with amazing views of the Arabian Sea. The restaurant and staff were super accommodating and made sure we ate lots of delicious vegan food. And the grounds were so beautiful that we recorded a montage sequence for you to see. We highly recommend staying at Niraamaya if you’re ever in southern Kerala, India…

Tea Plantations and Flower Gardens on the Road to Madupetty

Tea Plantations & Flower Gardens on the Road to Mattupetty from Munnar – India Part 12 (Episode 105)

On our second day in Munnar, India, Basil at Le Celestium Hotel arranged a tour along the road from Munnar to Mattupetty. Our driver wasn’t much of a tour guide, but he was safe and affordable. We paid $20 for the 7 hours he spent driving us toward Mattupetty and back to Munnar….

Tour of Munnar India & Eravikulam National Park

Tour of Munnar India & Eravikulam National Park + Le Celestium Hotel Tour – India Part 11 (Episode 104)

After the wedding, Abin’s brother Basil arranged a hotel and some sightseeing for us in Munnar, India. On our first day in Munnar, Basil arranged a driver (Shiva) to take us to lunch at Alibaba & 41 Dishes, show us around Munnar, and drive us to Eravikulam National Park…

It's Wedding Day! Chinnu & Abin's Marriage and Reception Party

It’s Wedding Day! Chinnu & Abin’s Marriage and Reception Party – India Part 10 (Episode 103)

The big day has arrived! Join us as we share in Chinnu and Abin’s very special day in Adimali India!

Chinnu & Abin's Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Chinnu & Abin’s Pre-Wedding Celebrations – India Part 9 (Episode 102)

This video covers the second half of the first day of Chinnu and Abin’s wedding celebration. Amelia rocks her saree at Chinnu’s ceremony before we went to Abin’s ceremony. We had SOOO much fun celebrating with the family!

Chinnu & Abin's Pre-Wedding Festivities

Family, Friends, Food & Fun in Adimali India: Chinnu & Abin’s Pre-Wedding Festivities – India Part 8 (Episode 101)

After a long journey from Cuenca Ecuador to Adimali India via Quito, Miami, Amsterdam, Mumbai and Trivandrum, we arrived in the mountain jungles of central Kerala in Southern India for Chinnu and Abin’s wedding.

This video is Part 1 and covers the morning and afternoon of the first day of the 2-day wedding. Normally, the wedding would last 3 days, but because Chinnu’s village of Adimalathura is so far from Adimali, the family compressed the timeline to 2 days….

Journey to the Wedding

Journey to Chinnu & Abin’s Wedding in Adimali Kerala India – India Part 7 (Episode 100)

After spending 3 days in the Trivandrum area on the southern tip of India, we took a taxi to Adimali in central Kerala for Chinnu and Abin’s marriage (aka wedding).

The drive took about 7 hours, with a few stops for refreshments, food and pictures. We had fresh coconut water from a roadside stand, and we saw monkeys and a beautiful waterfall.

Shopping with Chinnu + Resort Tour and Beach Walk

A Taste of Southern India: Shopping, Hindu Temple, Beach Walk & Resort Tour – India Part 6 (Episode 99)

We did all sorts interesting things on our first full day in India. Chinnu picked us up right after breakfast and took us shopping in Trivandrum for wedding and hot weather clothes. Amelia also bought some jewelry for the wedding and a beautiful lehenga dress.

For lunch, we had some delicious southern Indian Thali before heading over to a famous Hindu Temple in the heart of Trivandrum…

Dinner With Chinnu's Family in South India

Dinner With Chinnu’s Family in South India // From Amsterdam to India – India Part 5 (Episode 98)

We traveled from Amsterdam to Mumbai to Trivandrum India to spend a few days with Chinnu in her village of Adimalathura India.

After we arrived in Trivandrum, Chinnu and her family were at the airport to greet us. We drove to the Ideal Ayurvedic Resort where we stayed for 3 nights. After we got settled in, we drove the short distance to Chinnu’s village where her family had prepared snacks and dinner for us…

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Spring 2019 Amsterdam

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Spring 2019 Amsterdam – India Part 4 (Episode 97)

We hope you enjoy our tour of the amazingly beautiful Keukenhof Tulip Garden just south of Amsterdam. It’s only open for 2 months out of the year while the tulips are blooming so we were fortunate to be there during that small window on a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day….