We LOVE Ecuador! But no place is perfect. Here are a few bad things about living in Ecuador

Amelia and JP VLOG 235: Ecuador is a beautiful country and the people are AMAZING! But no place is perfect and if you’re considering a move to Ecuador, you deserve to have all the information. So in this episode, we reluctantly discuss the DARK SIDE of Ecuador.

We often talk about and show the beautiful side of Ecuador. We’re positive people and look for the best in everything so this type of video isn’t easy for us to record. A lot of people revel in the negative and focus on all the bad things about living in Ecuador, but that’s just not us. However, it’s important that we share the blemishes, as well as the beauty (the Ecuador pros and cons), so you’re better prepared for your visit or move to Ecuador.

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Videos We Referenced:
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Links to Sources:
Middle Class Decline
Ecuador Poverty
Single Use Plastic Laws

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