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I’m an 81-yo Retired Traveling House-sitter

In this guest post, Warren R. Johnson shares his experiences as a traveling house-sitter and pet-sitter, along with some tips to help you get started and be successful. Here is his story…

House-sitting and pet-sitting are convenient ways to find free accommodation, and it comes with a host of other advantages, but it also comes with significant responsibility.

Whether you’re caring for a cherished pet or maintaining a home in the owner’s absence, you’re stepping into a role that demands attention and commitment.

In this article, I’ll share some of the best ways to find house-sitting and pet-sitting opportunities, how it can be a means to lower travel expenses, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a traveling house-sitter.

Saranda Albania: Even Better than Expected

In this guest post, Warren R. Johnson shares his experiences in Saranda, Albania. Here is his story…

I first ran across Saranda, Albania several years ago on YouTube. I saw a video of the city and thought, “Oh, that looks like a nice place,” and didn’t give it another thought.

But as algorithms work, YouTube kept sending me more Saranda videos and I kept watching them. Soon I was hooked. I had to see this place.

Living Among the Coffee Bushes near Boquete, Panamá

I lived a comfortable life in the United States, enjoying a cabin in the woods. I had a nice kitchen and good friends nearby.

Yet, in 2020, I grew concerned with the politics and cost of living and decided to look elsewhere for a new life. I took tours of Panamá and Mexico to explore going south.

I chose the Republic of Panamá because it required the shortest time to secure a Permanent Visa. Hurtling through the skies was brisk. Far from brisk was dealing with airports and QR scanning codes. I arrived intact but exhausted—I slept 11 hours the first night.

Yet, if you had told me I would be living in a yurt at 5,260 feet above sea level on a tropical mountainside among coffee bushes, I would have asked if you were crazy.