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The Real Deal About Living in Olón Ecuador (Pros & Cons)

Olón, Ecuador is a charming little rural beach town located on the Pacific Coast with a unique vibe that attracts an intriguing mix of people from all over the world.

But, like any place that’s popular with expats and tourists, it comes with its own set of pros and cons, which we share in this article.

Expats Told Us They Love Chapala Mexico!

Welcome to Chapala, a picturesque town located in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. We heard so many good things about Chapala and its authentic Mexican vibe so we were very excited to check it out.

Our adventure began when we stepped off the bus just a few blocks away from the famous malecon, which exceeded our expectations with its size and beauty. The old buildings, fountains, sculptures, and the stunning views of the lake and mountains all contributed to the town’s authentic charm.

Colonia Americana: Coolest Neighborhood in the World! (Guadalajara Mexico)

We were so excited to take our first trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. We decided to stay in Colonia Americana (map) and were even more excited to visit the area after it was named the “Coolest Neighborhood in the World” by Timeout.

We stayed in a 2-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom condo we found on AirBnB and the location was fantastic! We arrived after dark so we were a little apprehensive about walking around since we didn’t know the area, but we felt more at ease when we saw a young woman walking her dog alone. After that, it felt safe for us to find a place to eat.

Schools & Raising Kids in Ecuador

Ecuador is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, that’s why many people choose to live there as expats. If you’re moving to Ecuador with children, one of your top concerns will be finding the right school for them.

Additionally, raising children in a foreign country has its unique challenges, but it can also be a rewarding experience.

In this article, we’ll explore how it is to raise children in Ecuador and the different types of schools in Ecuador, including public, private, international, and homeschooling, to help you make an informed decision.

Internet, WiFi & Cell Phones in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country where WiFi, Internet access, and cell service is fast, reliable, and affordable. Compared to the US, you can get more bandwidth for less money in Ecuador.

There are also a variety of mobile apps, streaming services and VPNs that are popular and useful in Ecuador.

The Real Reasons We Left Olón Ecuador (and Moved to Manta)

We get a lot of questions about why we left Olón, Ecuador so we thought it was about time we filled you in on why we decided to leave.

It wasn’t because we had any bad experiences or fell out of love with the place. We had an amazing time in Olón, but we always knew it wasn’t going to be our forever home.

We love Ecuador, and we want to experience more of this beautiful country. We wanted to show you all the incredible sights and experiences that Ecuador has to offer, beyond just Olón. To make that happen, we knew we had to spread our wings and move around a bit.

Bring These to Ecuador When You Move

Some things can be difficult or more expensive in Ecuador.  In this article we provide some tips and recommendations for those planning to move to Ecuador. While you’ll be able to find most things you need you might want to bring these with you.

Expat Social Activities in Ecuador

We understand the feeling of starting a new life abroad without knowing anyone. Making friends in Ecuador with locals and expats is very easy, and will help you to immerse yourself in the new culture. Making friends and participating in social activities will also speed up the process feeling more at home in your new expat destination.