Why We’re Still Vegan // Our “No Longer Vegan” Response (Episode 65)

In response to a handful of YouTubers who have said they’re no longer vegan, we felt it was necessary to post a video saying why we’re still vegan and always will be.

We don’t talk about veganism a lot on our YouTube channel because we prefer to live by example rather than potentially alienate pre-vegans with information they aren’t open to hearing. We avoided veganism for many years due to the negative stigma created by well-meaning people who think the best way to wake people up is by force. That didn’t work for us so we’re taking a more positive, inspirational and educational approach…

We have Netflix to thank for our awakening. We watched more than a dozen food, environment and vegan related documentaries in early 2016. They made us aware of the atrocities being hidden from us so we continue to buy profitable but deadly products. Education and awareness is what convinced us to go vegan; not angry vegans yelling at us.

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So if you’re like us and prefer to change your opinions and beliefs based on verifiable information and rational thought, here are some resources we recommend:

Recommended Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet Books

We have a long list of recommended books and reviews on our sister website, LottaVeg.com: Best Plant-Based Books for a Longer, More Vibrant Life.

Recommended Food, Environment and Vegan Documentaries

We have a long list of other recommended documentaries on our sister website, LottaVeg.com: Best Food Documentaries & Other Mind Altering Films.

We also referenced That Vegan Couple in our video. You can find their YouTube Channel here…

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2 replies
  1. Marybaty
    Marybaty says:

    My husband and I absolutely love your videos. We are not vegan but the more I watch you the more I want to try to eat and live plant based . Keep up the great videos. We love your honesty and cheerful outlook on life. We are visiting Ecuador in July and August this year . You both have been immensely helpful with the information you provide about living in Cuenca. Makes me want to move there as soon as we possibly can !!

    • JP
      JP says:

      We’re so happy you’re enjoying our videos! They’re a labor of love for us 🙂

      Stay tuned for one of our upcoming videos about the top things we love about Cuenca (and don’t love). That might be very helpful if you’re thinking about moving here.

      Thanks for your comment!

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