Why We Chose Olón Ecuador + Why We Left Cuenca (recap)

Amelia and JP VLOG 195: We’ve been getting lots of questions about why we left Cuenca and why we chose Olón Ecuador over Salinas or any of the other lower altitude cities in Ecuador. In this video, we an answer those questions as we walk around (and a fly over) Olón.

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4 replies
    • JP
      JP says:

      We feel like renting is a safer option than buying due to the volatile nature of real estate and economies in Latin American countries. We also want to remain mobile so we can film other parts of Ecuador for our YouTube channel. However, we plan to be in Olón for quite a while.

  1. Carol Kennedy
    Carol Kennedy says:

    Hi JP and Amelia!
    Myself and my fiance are almost mirroring your story! We are now ready to bite the bullet and make the move (before the end of the year). We have already employed Maite! Can you provide some insight into Curia? Also, what do you consider the safest area for expat Americans? Thank you! Thank you! Perhaps we will see you soon! Carol and Jason

    • JP
      JP says:

      Hola Carol! That’s very exciting! Curía is a cute little pueblito without much to it. It’s a 20 minute walk on the beach to Olón or a short 2 minute cab ride. There isn’t much there in the way of services; just a little convenience type tienda. Some of the streets are still dirt, but there are lots of cute places and several expats live there. Cuenca is probably the safest place in Ecuador for American expats, but most of the country is very safe except for Guayaquil. You mainly have to worry about petty theft. Nos vemos pronto!

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