Top 10 Reasons Why We Chose Ecuador

When it comes to choosing a new home country, there are a lot of factors to consider. After careful research and much deliberation, we decided to take the plunge and move to Ecuador.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 reasons why we chose this South American gem as our expat destination. Hopefully, our insights will help during your decision making 10 reasons to move to Ecuador

Low Cost of Living

Ecuador has a very low cost of living, making it an attractive destination for expats seeking an affordable lifestyle.

The cost of housing, food, utilities, and entertainment are significantly lower than in many Western countries, especially the United States, allowing you to stretch your dollar further and enjoy a comfortable life.

When we moved to Ecuador, we lived in a 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house in a great neighborhood (El Vergel) and our total cost of living was $1,500/month during the first year.

Our cost of living in Denver when we left was over $6,000/month so we saved a ton of money by moving to Ecuador, which allowed us to pay off all our debt and finally save for retirement.

Once we felt more secure in our finances, we loosened the pursestrings a bit and lived on $1,800/month for the next 3 years until we moved into a luxury highrise condo in Manta.


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High Quality & Affordable Healthcare

Ecuador’s healthcare system is known for providing high-quality services at a fraction of the cost compared to the United States. In fact, CEOWorld Magazine consistently ranks it higher than the US.

Many doctors are trained abroad and speak English, and major cities have modern hospitals and clinics.

As a resident, you can access the public healthcare system or choose a private insurance plan, both of which are affordable options.

We have been continually impressed with the quality of care for the cost since we’ve lived in Ecuador. We’re usually able to see our doctors the next day. We never feel rushed. And office visits and procedures are a fraction of the cost compared to the US.

Check out this article for more information about healthcare in Ecuador: Our Ecuador Healthcare Experience.

Low Crime Rate

Safety is an important factor to consider when moving to a new country. When we moved to Ecuador in 2017, Ecuador’s overall crime rate was relatively low compared to other Latin American countries, with petty theft being the most common issue.

Unfortunately, the pandemic and the economic hardships it caused has led to a rapid increase in crime relating to gangs and drug trafficking. As a result, the crime rate in Ecuador is now similar to Mexico and Colombia.

However, most crime occurs in the lower income areas of the major coastal cities of Guayaquil, Portoviejo, Manta and Esmeraldas.

While crime has increased throughout Ecuador, the areas where expats tend to live are still relatively safe, especially compared to dangerous areas in the US like St. Louis and New Orleans.

By taking a few common sense safety precautions, you can minimize risks and feel secure in your new home.

Stable Government & Economy

Despite recent protests lead by the indigenous organizations, Ecuador has experienced political and economic stability since the country adopted the US Dollar as its official currency.

The country’s steady growth and investment in infrastructure have created a favorable environment for business and tourism, making it an attractive destination for expats seeking to work, retire, or start a business.

Ecuador has a Republic with a democratically elected government and multiple parties (not just two), which seems to work very well at balancing power.

On the US Dollar

Ecuador on the US DollarEcuador adopted the US dollar as its official currency in 2000, providing expats from the US with the convenience of not having to deal with currency exchange issues.

This also means that Ecuador has a stable currency that doesn’t fluctuate like the currency in neighboring countries such as Colombia and Peru. The currency also has more purchasing power.

Inflation has also been consistently low compared to other Latin American countries. For several years before the pandemic, inflation hovered around zero percent. Even during the record high inflation back in the US, it was still below 4% in Ecuador.

Stable Food Supply & High Quality Food (non-GMO)

Ecuador’s rich, fertile land produces an abundant supply of fresh, high-quality, non-GMO foods. In fact, genetically engineered crops are banned in the constitution of Ecuador, and all imported products that contain GE ingredients must be clearly labeled.

The country’s agricultural practices prioritize organic and sustainable methods, ensuring that you’ll have access to healthy, flavorful ingredients for your daily meals.

However, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used in Ecuador so you’ll want to buy from organic farmers and vendors if that’s important to you.

Natural Beauty & Diversity

Amelia And JP Peguche Waterfalls EcuadorEcuador’s diverse landscape offers a wealth of natural beauty and outdoor activities for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers alike.

From the majestic Andes mountains to the lush Amazon rainforest, to the breathtaking Galapagos Islands, you’ll never run out of awe-inspiring sights to explore.

Easy to Get to/from the United States

Ecuador’s proximity to the United States makes travel relatively easy and affordable, with direct flights from major US cities such as Miami, Houston, Atalanta, and New York.

This makes it convenient for expats to visit family and friends, or for them to come to see your new home.

Same Time Zone as the United States

Ecuador shares a time zone with the United States, making it easy to stay in touch with friends and family back home. From November to March, Ecuador is in the Eastern Time Zone. The rest of the year, it’s in the Central Time Zone.

This is particularly beneficial for remote workers or those running businesses, as it minimizes the challenges of coordinating across different time zones.

Expat Friendly

Ecuador has a growing and welcoming expat community, with a wide range of support networks, clubs, and social events designed to help newcomers settle in and make friends.

The Ecuadorian people are known for their warmth and hospitality, making it easy to feel at home in this beautiful country.

We still recommend Cuenca as the best place to start because it has the largest expat population, a large number of English-speaking Ecuadorians, and plenty of services geared toward expats.

Final Thoughts

With its low cost of living, high-quality healthcare, economic stability, and countless other benefits, Ecuador has quickly become a top choice for expats seeking a new adventure.

The country’s stunning natural beauty, easy accessibility from the United States, and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for those looking to relocate.

Whether you’re seeking a retirement haven, a place to start a new business, or simply want to explore a new culture, Ecuador has something to offer everyone.

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