We had heard that Valle de los Chillos Ecuador was a popular place for expats because of its beauty, location and affordability so we wanted to do a real estate tour in the area.

The area is called Valley of the Screams because it’s where the first meetings were held to plan the rebellion against Spanish rule and the fight for Ecuadorian independence.

On our way to film the properties, our guides Xavier, Patty and Pilar wanted to show us a hidden gem called Sangolquí, which is a suburb on the southeast side of Quito. This town is over 500 years old and popular with local tourists, but it’s not well known by international tourists.

The Thursday outdoor market was bustling with activity with all types of food and products for sale. We were NOT expecting to see cacho, which Xavier and Patty called beetles. They looked more like grubs to us, but Xavier said they’re a delicacy to the people in this area.

After living in Ecuador for more than 5 years, we still learn new things about this amazing country! Including their taste for worms! Who knew?!

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