The Magical Hummingbirds of Mindo Ecuador

As we walked through the lush rainforest near Mindo, Ecuador, we didn’t know quite what to expect. Our guide, Xavier, said he had something special he wanted to show us, but that was a monumental understatement!

Hummingbirds Mindo EcuadorThese were the hummingbirds of San Tadeo Birding, known for their fearless nature and stunning plumage.

We made our way to a small clearing where Rolando, the hummingbird whisperer as we now refer to him, had more than a dozen feeders hanging from various hooks and tree limbs.

The hummingbirds fluttered about and whizzed by our heads like we were just another obstacle to barely avoid. It was like a dance, the way they moved so quickly and gracefully from feeder to feeder.

Rolando asked if we would like to hold a feeder in our hands to get up-close and personal with the hummingbirds. Of course we said yes! And held our breath as they landed on our hands, their tiny feet tickling our skin as they drank.

We watched in amazement as they flew circles around our heads, their wings a blur of motion. They were so close that we could feel the wind from their wings and see the shimmering iridescence of their feathers, each one a different shade of green, blue, and white.

It was an experience we will never forget, being surrounded by these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. The hummingbirds of Mindo captured our hearts, and we will always cherish the memories of this magical encounter.

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Watch Our Hummingbird Video from Mindo Ecuador


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