The Best Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador – Dr. Grace Ordoñez

We’ve had several questions from our loyal subscribers about the health and beauty services here in Cuenca Ecuador so we thought we’d share our trip to the best dentist in Cuenca Ecuador for 2019 (according to

Dr Grace Ordonez Office

I went to Dr. Grace for a cleaning back in July, and was really impressed with her office and staff, and her knowledge and skill as a dentist. She was recommended to us by some gringo friends of ours.

Since then, she also won the Best Dentist in Cuenca Award for 2019 from This award is given based on the number of votes from mostly gringos who frequent (which is most of us). As a side note, Café Libre won the Best New Restaurant Award for 2018.

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Amelia went to Dr. Grace for a cleaning in December, which is when she found out about the poor state of her old fillings. Several had mercury, which is horrible for human health in ANY amount. And others had been worn down due to Amelia’s night clenching. She also decided to get a nightguard to help protect her teeth from more damage.

We have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Grace! She takes time to explain what she’s doing and she speaks great English so we can easily understand her. And now she’s helping us with our Spanish, too!

We were also very happy that she had the proper equipment to safely remove the mercury from Amelia’s mouth.

Dr Grace ExplainingDr Grace Mercury Equipment

Dental tourism and medical tourism are growing here in Ecuador due to affordable healthcare. Rather than give thousands of dollars to a dentist in the states, you could have an amazing vacation to Ecuador PLUS get your dental work done for the same price.

Here are the links to Dr. Grace so you can contact her if you need an appointment. Please tell her JP and Amelia from Amelia And JP sent you.

We didn’t get paid for this video or for referring people to her. UPDATE: Dr. Grace was so appreciative of this video that she gave us each a free cleaning! Yay!

Amelia’s Dental Costs

  • Cleaning: $20
  • Minor Filling Repair: $20
  • X-Rays: $8
  • Nightguard Specialist: $20
  • 1st Filling: $70
  • 2nd Filling: $90
  • 4 Other Fillings: $180 ($45/filling)
  • Nightguard: $200
  • Total: $608

JP’s Crown

I chipped a molar last April in Amsterdam on our trip to India for Chinnu’s wedding. When we got back to Ecuador, Dr. Grace put a filling in it, but due to the location and extent of the chip, the filling didn’t hold. The next step was a crown.

During the crown prep, Dr. Grace noticed that the chip and some decay extended below the gumline so she put on a temporary crown and had me schedule an appointment with a periodontist. He came into Dr. Grace’s office and removed a small amount of the gum so the permanent crown would fit properly. You can watch the video here: Cuenca Ecuador Periodontist – JP’s Gum Surgery.

After allowing the gum to heal for a few weeks, I returned for the finishing crown prep and the permanent crown mold. Unfortunately, my tooth would not deaden. After 3 vials of novocaine, my mouth was dead, but my tooth was not.

This happened during the initial crown prep appointment, but I was able to take the pain long enough for her to get the job done. The final prep required a lot more work, though, and the pain was too much to bear. Dr. Grace put another temporary crown on and had me schedule another appointment when she would have an oral surgeon on hand to deaden my mouth in a spot that should also deaden the tooth.

The oral surgeon used 3 vials of novocaine and put it in a spot that they use for oral surgery. Most of my face was dead, but I could still feel the tooth! On a scale of 1 to 10, it was only a 2 so she was able to finish the crown prep and take the mold for the permanent crown.

The next week, I returned to get the permanent crown, but the fit of the 3D printed crown wasn’t absolutely perfect, so she sent it back for an adjustment. The next day, I got my permanent crown and it’s awesome! I wish all my teeth were so shiny and new!

JP’s Dental Costs

  • Teeth Whitening: $150 (3 visits)
  • Initial Filling: $80
  • Periodontist: $80
  • 3D Printed Crown: $350

If you decide to go see Dr. Grace, the best dentist in Cuenca Ecuador, please tell here you saw Amelia And JP’s video!

Watch Our Video About the Best Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador



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