The Art Behind Us from Cuenca Artist P. Maldonado (Episode 127)

We’ve had a lot of comments about the art behind us in our new indoor filming location. This is the story about how we found it on a rainy day in Cuenca Ecuador. You’ll also get to see the Cuenca Artist P. Maldonado who created it.

Since it was a rainy day, we had to leave Lumi at home and film with my iPhone so the video and audio quality is not up to our usual standards. However, it did make for a nice Cloverfield style immersive experience. Several of our early videos were filmed in this style before we got Lumi. If you like this format, let us know and we may do more videos like this.

Musart Home Decor

Musart Cuenca Ecuador

Musart was the first store we visited on our search for background art. We like that store because it has a variety of different ethnic art. Everything from African Tribal to American Country.

I said in the video that I would share a link to their information, but they’re nowhere to be found on the Internet. That’s pretty common here. Most businesses at least have a Facebook page, but very few have a website. And some have neither.

They’re located under JungleGym Fitness on Calle Larga. Here’s a map to their location.

Centro Municipal Artesanal

Centro Municipal Artesanal Cuenca Ecuador

Our next stop was at el Centro Municipal Artesanal, which is a very nice artist market located by San Francisco Plaza. This artesanal mercado has lots of different stores with a variety of different types of artwork, clothes, hats, jewelry, etc. They also don’t appear to have a website or Facebook page.

This is where we found our new background artwork. Cuenca artist P. Maldonado specializes in painting Ecuadorian city scenes and cultural depictions. He’s located on the second floor near the back.

P. Maldonado Cuenca Ecuador

P. Maldonado Art Cuenca Ecuador

Café Libre Cuenca

Café Libre Cuenca Sign

We haven’t featured Café Libre since our Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiac Dinner. Paul closed the restaurant for a month to remodel while we were in India and I haven’t been back since before then. Amelia went there without me for lunch with some friends. Not sure I can forgive her for that!

As always, the food was amazing!

Café Libre Cuenca Mote

Café Libre Cuenca Quinoa

Café Libre Cuenca Brownie

Supermercado Patricia

Supermercado Patricia Cuenca Tools

Amelia wouldn’t let me use a rock to hammer in the nails for our new paintings so we went to SuperMercado Patricia para un martillo (for a hammer) y algunos clavos (and some nails). We showed more of SuperMercado Patricia in this video: Vilcabamba to Cuenca Transportation Options + More Vilca Observations (Episode 123)

Our New Indoor Filming Location

Amelia And JP Background Art

This is the winter rainy season in Cuenca so we can’t rely on the weather to cooperate when we need to record a video.

A few weeks ago, we were running out of time to film a courtyard chat, but it had been cloudy, cold and rainy for over a week so we couldn’t get it done. After I had a mild freakout, Amelia came up with the idea to use our loft as an indoor filming location.

We had discussed this before, but the acoustics are horrible inside our house. We have tile floors throughout and very little in the way of sound dampening so the echo is horrible.

The key to making this location work was Amelia’s idea to pull the old mattress out of the guest room and put it behind the table we use for the camera stand. It worked perfectly! Now we can film when it’s too sunny, windy, rainy, cold or dark to film outside! Stress relieved!

Let us know what you think about our new indoor filming location and our new background artwork in the comments below.

Hopefully you enjoyed our video, and if you did, please LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE it, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel. ¡Muchas Gracias y Hasta Luego!

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