Our Journey from Cuenca Ecuador to South Beach Miami – India Part 1 (Episode 94)

WE’RE GOING TO INDIA! Two of our friends from Namaste India in Cuenca are getting married in Kerala in Southern India and we’re going to their wedding!

Our first stop is South Beach Miami for 2 days before we head to Amsterdam for a week. We’re staying at the Residence Inn South Beach because we can cook some of our meals and Amelia gets points that we can use at any of Marriott’s properties. We have yet to pay for a night at the Courtyard in Guayaquil, and we used points to stay for several days at the Blue Moon Hotel in South Beach last fall.

Most of our time in Miami was spent shopping for things we can’t easily or affordably find in Ecuador, like an external hard drive, bathing suits, supplements and sunglasses. But we also spent some time relaxing on the beach.

We didn’t take any pictures during our time in Miami. We were busy filming and shopping. But I did take these with my iPhone on our way from Cuenca to Miami. The first two are sunset photos taken on our flight from Cuenca to Quito. The last one is the sunrise as we were approaching Miami the next morning. Thankfully, I was able to talk Amelia out of those sunglasses she spotted in the Quito Airport! Click the photos to enlarge.

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South Beach Miami Art Deco Tour + Miami & Quito Airport Vegan Food (Episode 42)

Walking around South Beach Miami, it almost feels like you’re in a comic book world. The Art Deco style looks a lot like Gotham City. It was even more beautiful at night, but we weren’t there long enough to get any good night footage. Our brief video montage really doesn’t do justice to the beautiful architecture.

Miami Airport Vegan Food

The Miami Airport vegan food options are abysmal. We walked from one end of the D Terminal to the other and found only a couple of truly vegan options, none of them healthy.

Shula’s has a veggie burger, but it isn’t even close to vegan. The manager was kind enough to get the package for us and it has cheese and milk. There is a Mexican restaurant with the obligatory “Rice & Beans” vegan plate, but we opted for the Impossible Burger at the Corona Beach House restaurant again. That was before we finished walking to the other end of the terminal where we found a TGI Friday’s that had a Beyond Burger.

NOE Sushi Bar in the Quito Airport

The Quito Airport is actually more vegan friendly than Miami and Guayaquil because they have a NOE Sushi Bar with several vegan options. We got miso soup, a veggie roll and a Japanese veggie pasta dish with mushrooms. Be sure to tell them you’re vegan and list the things you don’t eat in Spanish:

  • somos veganos – we’re vegan
  • soy vegano – I’m vegan
  • no queso – no cheese
  • no crema – no cream
  • no huevos – no eggs
  • no carne – no meat
  • no pollo – no chicken
  • no pescado – no fish
  • no salsa de pescado – no fish sauce

Sometimes we say “sin” (without) instead of “no” but that often seems to confuse people so we find it’s easier to say “no carne” to minimize confusion.

Quito Airport Suites Hotel

Quito Airport Suites Hotel

Since our flight from Miami arrived very late and our flight to Cuenca wasn’t until the next morning, we stayed in the Quito Airport Suites Hotel overnight. Our large room cost $35 and it came with breakfast, although as you’ll see in the next video, it wasn’t very vegan friendly. You’ll also see how beautiful the grounds are in the next video.

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