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7 Easy Side Hustle Ideas for 2023 (Non-Technical Skills)

A thousand dollars a month. That’s all you need to earn from working online to completely change your life!

The side hustles in this article do NOT require technical skills so pretty much anyone can do them as long as you have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

You’ll learn how easy it is to get started doing each of these side hustles, how long it will take to hit that magic $1000 per month milestone, and how you can use that money to set yourself free and change your life forever.

#1 Writing

Freelance writing platforms such as Textbroker.com and WriterAccess.com offer opportunities to write for a variety of clients and niches.

You can also find writing gigs on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, and get paid to create blog posts, articles, social media content, and more, depending on your skills and interests.

Starting a blog may be the best place to start because it not only allows you to showcase your writing skills, but a blog is a great way to earn online income. You can promote affiliate products and services, sell ad space to sponsors, or use it to promote your book, eCourse or coaching program.

I just started writing on Medium and made $80 in the first month with very minimal effort. If I had more time to devote to it, I’m confident I could make $1000/mo after 6 months or so. Some writers make a lot more than that on Medium.

NewsBreak is another website that works like Medium. You write content and they pay you for it based on reads.

A lot of writers are freaking out right now because of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The chatbots can write content very quickly, but they lack the personal touch only a human with real world experiences can give.

I’m able to write a lot more content now than I ever have because I’m using AI as a junior level writing assistant.

ChatGPT helps me with outlines and rough drafts for our blog posts and Twitter threads, but my personal stories, observations and unique voice that I add are what make the content valuable.

Medium requires you to disclose if you use AI to help write articles, so I write all of those from scratch without the chatbot.

The average pay for freelance writing work is $20 to $50 per hour, but rates can vary depending on your expertise and how fast you write.

You can certainly work full time as a writer, but working around 50 hours per month, or about 2 hours per day, could help you reach $1000/month after 3 to 6 months of consistent effort (you might want to work on it a lot more in the beginning because it will build over time).

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#2 Copyediting

As a copyeditor, you can find work opportunities on websites like FlexJobs.com and Freelancer.com.

Your job is to review and correct written content for grammar, punctuation, syntax, and overall readability.

Fact checking is probably the most important skill for a copyeditor in the AI era. The chatbots are really good at creating content quickly, but they don’t always get the facts right and humans are still the best sanity check for AI-generated content.

The average pay for copyediting work is around $20 to $30 per hour, depending on your experience and the project

Working around 50 hours per month or approximately 2 hours per day could help you make $1000/month after 3 to 6 months.

To begin, create a profile on your preferred platform and showcase your copyediting skills through a strong portfolio

#3 Teaching English Online

Online teaching platforms like Cambly.com, VIPKid.com and TeachAway.com offer opportunities to teach English to students from around the world.

You’ll need a strong command of the English language and an engaging teaching style to be successful in this field.

We know several people who fund their pre-retirement lifestyle in Ecuador by teaching English online and they really enjoy it.

The major downside is that your students might be in the eastern hemisphere, which means you might have to stay up late or get up really early to teach.

The average pay for teaching English online is between $15 and $25 per hour, but this can vary based on your experience and qualifications.

To make $1000/month, you’ll need to work around 60 hours per month or about 2 hours per day.

To get started, sign up on the teaching platform of your choice and complete the required registration process. The platforms provide the curriculum for you so you just need to login and follow the teaching plan.

You might also want to look into get a TEFL certification because some platforms require that.

#4 Online Tutoring

Websites like Tutor.com, Studypool.com and Wyzant.com provide opportunities for online tutors in various subjects.

You can share your expertise in subjects like math, science, history, or any other area you know well.

Let’s face it… The US school system is failing our kids.

According to all of the meaningful stats, our kids are way behind the rest of the developed world, especially in math and science.

That means a lot of concerned parents are turning to online tutors to supplement the classroom and get their kids better prepared for college so the demand for online tutoring will continue to grow.

The average pay for online tutoring ranges from $15 to $30 per hour, depending on your subject and experience.

To reach $1000/month, you’ll need to work around 60 hours per month or 2 hours per day.

Start by signing up on a tutoring platform and completing their registration process to showcase your skills. Some platforms require a college degree or teaching certification, but some don’t.

#5 User Testing

Websites like UserTesting.com and UserZoom.com will pay you to test software.

You get paid to use websites and mobile apps and record your experience, thoughts, problems, etc.

Back in my technical manager days, I had a team of software testers who tested the software my developers wrote. Nowadays, companies outsource that testing to their users; people like you.

The average pay for this type of work is $30 to $45 per hour.

It’s not a full time job so don’t expect to work 40 hours per week doing this because they normally don’t have enough tests to keep you that busy, but you only need to work 30 hours per month or roughly 1 hour per day to make $1000/month.

And you can get started right after signing up and completing their registration process.

#6 Voice Over

If you have one of those voices that melts butter, you could make good money doing voice over for commercials, podcast intros, phone systems, training materials, documentaries, audio books, etc.

You can find voice over clients on websites like Fiverr and Upwork. It will take a few hours to create your profile, record a few samples and upload them to your portfolio

Alice Everdeen makes $15,000/month doing voice overs for companies like Amazon, Southwest Airlines and OnlyFans. You need to be good and it can take awhile to build up to that level, but it’s possible to make at least $1,000/month with a good voice and consistent effort.

You can expect to earn about $20/hour doing voice over work, but the really talented people make over $100/hour, especially after they’ve built a reputation over time.

At $20/hour, that means you need to work 50 hours per month or about 1.5 hours per day to make $1000/month

#7 AI Prompt Engineer

As an AI Prompt Engineer, you’ll use chatbots like ChatGPT to create content, and Midjourney to create images for clients or to sell.

There are a lot of other AI systems to choose from, but in my opinion, these two are the best for content and images.

The engineer title makes it sound more technical than it is, but it’s really a non-technical job.

Knowing how to give the AI tools the right directions to get the desired outcome has more to do with your language skills and creative thinking than your technical skills.

The average pay for this type of work is around $20 to $35 per hour and the best place to find clients is on Fiverr or Upwork.

You can also sell AI prompts on websites like PromptBase.com. It only takes a few minutes to sign-up and you keep 80% of the revenue.

Some of the Midjourney prompts are incredible! If you can get the AI to create mind blowing images, this could be a nice passive income stream.

To make $1000/month, you’ll need to work about 50 hours per month or around 2 hours per day.

If you haven’t been using the AI tools yet, that’s the best place to begin. Play around with them and start creating content and images to learn how they work.

You can also download some free prompt guides to speed up your learning process.

Once you’re comfortable with your skills and have some good examples for your portfolio, post a gig on Fiverr, apply for jobs on Upwork, and create a free account on PromptBase.com to start selling your prompts.

Online Income eCourse

Online Income eCourseWe go into a lot more detail about side hustles and working online in our Online Income eCourse.

It has a lot of links with more in depth information to help you get started quickly, including a bunch of new Quick Start Checklists I just added.

How $1000/month can set you free!

Earning $1000/month through online side hustles can be a game-changer if you want to improve your quality of life because it will allow you to move abroad.

Moving to a country with a lower cost of living not only allows you to stretch your budget further but also provides an opportunity to explore new cultures, languages, and environments.

In countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, Colombia or Mexico, $1000/month can provide a comfortable lifestyle if you’re single.

If you’re a couple and you both earn $1000/month, you can live a very comfortable lifestyle in a lot of countries.

You can also stack side hustles to increase your income. That just means you do more than one thing and work more than a couple hours a day to speed up the process, figure out what works best, and make more money.

By living abroad in a country with a lower cost of living, you’ll not only maximize your income, but also enrich your life experiences and personal development.



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