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Playas Ecuador: The BEST Weather in the WORLD?! (2021)

Amelia and JP VLOG 242: We’ve heard great things about Playas Ecuador so we spent a couple of days there to check it out for ourselves.

Their claim to fame is that they have “el mejor clima del mundo,” which means “the best weather in the world.” Playas has a dry, tropical climate so it’s very desert-like, similar to Salinas, Manta, and Ayangue.

However, it doesn’t get nearly as hot as you might think. Despite having a lot more sun than other parts of Ecuador, the average annual temperature is 75F (24C) while temperatures during the hot season from December – May average around 81F (27C).

Playas also has 14km (8.5mi) of beaches and since the beaches face south, they don’t get the big waves coming off the Pacific ocean like the western coast of Ecuador. That means it’s not a surfing destination, but it’s great for swimming and water sports.

Our first two days in Manta were incredibly beautiful with bright blue skies and perfect temps. However, it rained on our final morning so we missed our beach walk and our opportunity to use the drone. This is the rainy season, afterall. Maybe next time we can get Mini in the air!

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