Ecuador Visa Types & Process 2019 – Interview w/ Maité Durán at Gringo Visas (Episode 93)

We get a lot of questions about the types of Ecuador visas and the process for getting a visa in Ecuador so we arranged an interview with Maité Durán at Gringo Visas. She and her team helped Amelia and me get our temporary resident visas when we decided to move to Ecuador.

Maité founded Gringo Visas over 9 years ago after she moved back to Ecuador from Connecticut. She thought the process was very confusing and difficult to navigate as an Ecuadorian native trying to get visas for her US born children, so she thought it must REALLY be difficult for non-native Spanish speakers moving from another country. That’s when the idea for Gringo Visas was born.

Now she has an office in Cuenca and one in Danbury, Connecticut with 4 employees who help people get visas, cedulas, drivers licenses, marriage licenses, health insurance and bank accounts on a daily basis. The laws and regulations are constantly changing here in Ecuador, so having an expert on the ground who stays up-to-date on the changes will make your life much easier.

There are other companies that offer visa services in Ecuador, but we only worked with Gringo Visas so we can’t attest to any of the others. If you would like to contact Gringo Visas, visit the Gringo Visas Contact Us page and be sure to tell Maité that Amelia And JP sent you.

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Cuenca Ecuador Cost of Living 2019 + Rental House Tour (Episode 63)

This is a LOOONG video! But we had a lot to cover. Several of our viewers requested a cost of living video and a tour of our rental house. Some of the other cost of living videos we’ve watched only touched on some expenses and few give home tours, so we thought a more comprehensive video would be helpful to people thinking about moving here.

Our rental house tour is only for the inside. If you’d like to see our courtyard, we covered that in detail in our Cuenca Rental House Courtyard Tour.

You may also enjoy our Cuenca Pharmacy Tour + Paying Bills video, or our tour of Supermaxi El Vergel.

Cuenca Cost of Living – Monthly Living Expenses

Here are our Cuenca Ecuador living expenses. This does not include medical expenses, travel costs or recreational activities. Those vary a lot so we opted to leave them out. We’ll do a video about our medical/dental experiences and costs in the future.


Per Month


$          800


$            80


$            10


$          120


$          200

Health Insurance

$          156


$            56


$            17


$            20


$       1,459


Per Month


$          150


$            11

Massage ($30/massage)

$          150

Physical Therapy

$            80

Amelia’s Hair (Cut – $5; Cut & Color – $40)

$            50


$            40

Belly Dancing

$            40


$            90


$            40


$          651

Grand Total

$       2,110

In addition to these monthly expenses, we spent about $700 on startup costs for the house. That included things like sheets, blankets, a set of pots, a pressure cooker, coat rack, knives, heaters, etc.

We live a very comfortable middle class, low-stress life here in Cuenca. As you can see, it’s very easy for a couple to live on less than $2,000 per month. A single person could easily live here on less than $1,200 per month. It really depends on the type of home you want and the discretionary expenses that are important to you.

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