SUPER CHEAP RENTALS! (and a MUCH higher quality of life in Manta Ecuador)

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Amelia And JP VLOG 263: The cost of rent and housing in the United States is crazy! But no one said you have to keep living in the United States! There are a LOT of other countries with cheaper housing and a higher quality of life!

In this video, we tour 3 extremely affordable rental properties in Manta Ecuador. You’ll see a 1 bedroom condo, a 2 bedroom condo, and 3 bedroom house that will fit most any budget. They’re not too far from the beach and the first two have ocean views!

If you’re wondering how to earn an income while living abroad, check out this video: Work Remotely Online from Anywhere: How to Make Money Living Abroad (& Start BEFORE You Leave Home)

Leaving home and moving abroad might be scary, but it’s the adventure of a lifetime! We did it and so can you! And remember… It doesn’t have to be forever, but it could change your life forever!

Here are the links we mentioned in the video:

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