South Beach Miami Day On The Beach + Lunch at Plant Theory & Dinner at Full Bloom

We spent a day in South Beach Miami on our way back to Cuenca Ecuador. In this video, we spent a lazy day on the beach, and had a delicious lunch at Plant Theory and a decadent dinner at Full Bloom. On the first night when we arrived in South Beach from Atlanta, we ate at Planta South Beach and it was amazing!

South Beach Miami Beach Day

We always enjoy a relaxing day on the beach when we stay in South Beach Miami. When we fly through Miami on our way to or from Cuenca Ecuador, we always try to have at least one day to lay under a beach umbrella and enjoy the ocean.

South Beach Miami Amelia South Beach Miami

Plant Theory South Beach

Plant Theory is a fully vegan burger restaurant located inside The Whitelaw Hotel. We got the Ruben and the Portobello Mushroom Steak Burger for the main course, and the Rawesom Cheesecake (made with cashews) and the Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert. We loved the atmosphere and the food was amazing!

South Beach Miami Plant Theory Burgers

South Beach Miami Plant Theory Vegan Cheesecake

South Beach Miami Plant Theory Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

South Beach Miami Plant Theory Sign

Full Bloom South Beach

Full Bloom serves “Gourmet Vegan Cuisine” and boy do they ever! Amelia’s Gnocchi and my Carbonara were indistinguishable from their conventional cousins, as were our desserts of Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Lava Cake. Same goes for the Cheesecake we had at Plant Theory.

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Cauliflower

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Beet Balls

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Gnocchi

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Carbonara

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Ganache

Full Bloom South Beach Miami Lava Cake

If you ever find yourself in South Beach and looking for delicious plant-based vegan food, we highly recommend Planta South Beach, Plant Theory and Full Bloom. You can’t go wrong at any of these places.

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