Cruelty-Free Skin Care in Cuenca Ecuador with Dr. Rosy (Episode 67)

Our good friend and vegan doctor, Rosy, gave us both facials as part of our routine skin care in Cuenca Ecuador. The treatments that Rosy gives Amelia have removed lots of skin damage. Amelia may not look it, but she’s 50 years old! Our whole-food plant-based diet combined with Rosy’s vegan chemical peels have literally taken years off of Amelia’s appearance.

Vegan Skin Care Cuenca Rosy & Amelia

With my fair skin, I’ve had a lifelong battle with the sun. Several years ago, I did a multi-week chemical peel prescribed by a dermatologist back in the States to remove the pre-cancer cells covering my entire face. It was a long and very painful process. It left my face a bright shade of red for months. It did work, though. All those pesky pre-cancer cells were destroyed.

Vegan Skin Care Cuenca Rosy & JP

However, I prefer Rosy’s approach to skin care in Cuenca Ecuador. It’s much less painful and didn’t leave my skin discolored. Hopefully I can avoid the need for the harsher treatments in the future by staying on top of my skin damage now.

Coconut oil only blocks about 20% of UV rays making it about an SPF 5 so it’s not the most effective option for blocking the harmful effects of the sun. However, if you dislike using chemical sunscreens that have been tested on animals, it’s better than nothing, especially combined with a physical screen such as a hat and umbrella.

If you’d like to contact Rosy for a facial or a plant-based nutrition assessment, you can reach her through her Facebook page: Vegan Health Cuenca – Plant Based Nutrition, Aesthetics & Health. Please tell her Amelia And JP sent you!

In the video, we showed you the tattoos that both Rosy and Amelia got at Topo Tattoo here in Cuenca Ecuador. You can view that video here: Amelia’s Hummingbird Tattoo from Topo Tattoo in Cuenca Ecuador.

Rosy's Vegan Tattoo

Amelia's Hummingbird Tattoo

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