Should YOU Leave the United States (or YOUR home country) in 2021?

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We broke free of the hamster wheel and found a more fulfilling existence by leaving the United States and moving abroad to a lower cost of living country with a slower pace of life.

One of the reasons we started our YouTube channel was to inspire our viewers, and make it easier for them to follow in our footsteps.

We are NOT a political channel so even though you may have political reasons for wanting to leave the United States in 2021, there are far more compelling reasons to pack up and move abroad that have nothing to do with politics.

The 11 reasons to leave the United States that we discuss in this video resonate with us. If you can think of other NON-POLITICAL reasons to move abroad to Ecuador or another country, drop them in the comments below and we may add them to our blog post: 11 Reasons to Move Abroad in 2021

And remember, if you decide to move abroad, it doesn’t have to be forever, but it could change your LIFE forever!

Here are the links we mentioned in the video:
Real Reasons We Left the United States Video
Live Abroad Now

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