San Blas Cuenca Ecuador + Delicious Lunch @ A Pedir de Boca

We love walking around Cuenca Ecuador on Sundays because the city is so quiet. Most of the stores are closed on Sunday and there usually aren’t very many people so it’s the perfect day to take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In this day in the life video, we walked through El Centro to San Blas Cuenca after enjoying a delicious lunch at A Pedir de Boca.

A Pedir de Boca Cuenca

On our way to the world famous Cuenca Flower Market, we stopped by one of our favorite lunch spots, A Pedir de Boca. They have an amazing oil-free Vegan Thai Noodle Bowl with Veggies that is absolutely incredible!

A Pedir de Boca Cuenca Ecuador

They also have a delicious Veganburger that Amelia tried on a more recent visit that’s made with quinoa and they have a vegan soup that’s visually stunning. We highly recommend A Pedir de Boca for a delicious and filling lunch!

El Centro Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca, and Ecuador in general, is home to a lot of very old people. For a time, a region in southern Ecuador was considered a Blue Zone due to the large number of extremely old people, but lack of good recordkeeping a hundred years ago meant they couldn’t be included. However, we commonly see some of the oldest people we’ve ever seen still working and walking around the city in seemingly perfect health.

The “abuelita” seen in the video is one example. The other vendors in the area were very excited that we wanted to video and photograph her. They called her abuelita, which means “little grandma” in Spanish. She is probably in her 90’s, but it’s hard to tell for sure because Ecuadorians in general tend to look about 10 years younger than their American counterparts. She was selling little colorful baskets and Amelia bought some to store her earrings y otras cositas (and other little things).

Cuenca Ecuador Abuelita

A stroll through El Centro wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Cuenca Flower Market.

Cuenca Flower Market Ecuador

San Blas Cuenca Ecuador

You can see the San Blas Church all the way from Parque Calderon. This was the first time we walked down from Parque Calderon to get a closer look at San Blas Cuenca.

San Blas Church Cuenca Ecuador

San Blas Church Clouds Cuenca Ecuador

Across the street from San Blas Church is Parque San Blas. The park has a beautiful fountain, flowering trees, children playing and people relaxing on park benches.

San Blas Cuenca Ecuador San Blas Cuenca Ecuador Amelia

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