Salinas Ecuador AirBnB Tour + A Walk on Salinas Beach (2019)

Amelia and JP VLOG 154: We enjoy showing what condos, houses and rental places look like in Ecuador to help bust the myth that Ecuador is a 3rd World Country. While there are some low income areas (just like those in the States), Ecuador has a thriving middle class and a well established upper class.

That means there are lots of places to stay that cater to a higher end clientele like this beautiful AirBnB located just a short walk from the Salinas Malecon. It’s a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with an amazing view of the ocean through the wall of sliding glass doors. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the sofa with the doors fully open listening to the waves crash against the shore!

If you would like a discount off your first AirBnB stay, click this link and we’ll also get a credit:

Mario’s Pizza is located a block from the AirBnB featured in this video.

And here’s the link to the AirBnB condo from our tour. We paid $48/night, but that will vary depending on when and how long you stay: Oceanfront Condo Salinas Ecuador.

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