Return to Cuenca Ecuador + Tour of Quito Airport Suites Hotel + Quito & Cuenca Airports

On our return to Cuenca Ecuador from Atlanta, we stopped in South Beach Miami for a day before heading to Quito. Our plane arrived in Quito very late at night and our flight to Cuenca left at 9:30am the next morning so we stayed in the Quito Airport Suites that was about a 5 minute cab ride from the airport.

Quito Airport Suites Hotel

Quito Airport Suites Hotel

The last time we flew back and stayed overnight in Quito, we stayed in a completely different hotel with the same name. Tripadvisor still has the other hotel info on their site, but when you click through to view the rates, it goes to the hotel we stayed at. We’re not sure what happened, but it appears the other hotel is gone or operating under a different name. Regardless, this Quito Airport Suites was MUCH nicer and closer to the airport, our room and bathroom was very comfortable, and the grounds were beautiful!

Our only complaint was the lack of vegan options for breakfast. Most places that we’ve stayed at in Ecuador offer a large selection of fruit, bread, juice and coffee for breakfast, some even have oats, but that wasn’t the case. They only had banana and pineapple, which Amelia is allergic to. The coffee was very weak and they only had butter for the bread. We asked for marmelada (jam), but didn’t get any. The lady who works in the kitchen was very late opening it so we were in a hurry and didn’t have time to wait.

Quito Airport – Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Quito Airport Mariscal Sucre International Airport

The Quito Airport is only about 5 years old and it’s beautiful. It looks like any nice airport anywhere in the world. On this trip, they had a new process for the express bag drop that was confusing people, including the people who worked there. Plus, the band Molotov was on our airplane with all of their gear, which occupied one of the clerks for the entire time we waited in line, over 45 minutes. We almost didn’t make our flight due to the long delay checking our bags.


Return to Cuenca Ecuador

Mariscal Lamar International Airport

Cuenca Airport Mariscal Lamar International Airport

The Cuenca Airport is very nice but very small. They don’t have gangways so you have to walk down the stairs of the plane and onto the tarmac. The baggage claim is just inside the door from the tarmac so be sure to get your luggage before leaving the baggage claim area.

Our Driver Edwin

Our Driver Edwin

We scheduled a pickup at the airport with our personal driver, Edwin. He has been driving us to and from both the Cuenca airport and the Guayaquil airport, as well as around Cuenca on occasion, for quite a while. He’s a very safe driver with a large van to carry all our luggage. If you’d like his contact info, drop us a note and we’ll email it to you.

Pet Care in Cuenca Ecuador

On our way home, Edwin drove us to get our dogs from Jessica at Maxi’s Pet Care. Jessica offers doggy daycare, long-term stay and grooming services for small dogs like our Toy Poodle, Alicia. Daisy is actually considered large in Cuenca, but Jessica made an exception for her so she could stay with her sister while we were gone. Jessica also posts pictures (like the one below) and videos of our girls on Facebook and Instagram so we can see them while we’re gone.

Maxi's Pet Care

Jessica is also involved with one of Cuenca’s dog rescues. We highly recommend all of the services she offers!

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