PORTUGAL vs. ECUADOR: A Peek Into EXPAT LIFE in Porto Portugal (2021)

We teamed up with Josh and Kalie from @Expats Everywhere in Porto, Portugal to create TWO must see videos!

The 4 of us have spent nearly 6 weeks working on these 2 videos, and we’re EXCITED to share them with all of you!!!

You can watch OUR video on THEIR channel here: Living in Ecuador 🇪🇨 The MOST COMPELLING Reasons From YouTubers Amelia And JP.

Portugal was near the top of our list when we researched expat destinations for our move abroad, so we were eager to learn about their experiences living in Porto, Portugal. This gave us the perfect opportunity to compare and contrast expat life in Portugal and Ecuador.

While many things are similar, Portugal has a few advantages over Ecuador, which we discuss in the video. But the major disadvantage is the timezone, especially if you work online for a company back in the US.

The 7 hour time difference between Denver and Portugal would mean we start working at 3PM and end after 11PM. In case you’re new to our channel, WE GO TO BED AT 9PM! We’re very excited to visit Portugal, but living there isn’t an option until we don’t have day jobs based in the US anymore.

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