Beautiful, Easy Peguche Waterfall Hike (Otavalo Ecuador)

Las Cascadas de Peguche, or the Peguche Waterfalls, are located on the northeast side of Otavalo, Ecuador. It’s about a 30 to 45-minute walk from the center of Otavalo to the entrance to the park.

The Peguche Waterfalls (map) sit at the base of the inactive Imbabura Volcano and the area surrounding the waterfalls is known as the most beautiful rainforest in Northern Ecuador.

The trails are well maintained and it’s a pretty easy hike up to Mirador Arcoiris (Rainbow Lookout). You’ll also find some volcanic warm springs (we’ve been told they aren’t very hot), campsites, and cabins that are popular with tourists.

We went on a Wednesday, so there weren’t many people around. It was super relaxing and muy tranquilo.

Watch Our Video About The Peguche Waterfall in Otavalo, Ecuador


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