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What We Eat In A Day

What We Eat In A Day + How To Cut a Mango (Episode 27)

A lot of people ask us what we eat, so we thought we’d show them in this What We Eat In A Day video. Plus, I also show you how to cut a mango without getting “mango hand.”

Amelia's Hummingbird Tattoo from Topo Tattoo in Cuenca Ecuador

Amelia’s Hummingbird Tattoo from Topo Tattoo in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 26)

Amelia got her first tattoo! She was very excited to get a hummingbird tattoo from Topo Tattoo here in Cuenca, Ecuador. 

The hummingbird has a lot of meaning for Amelia, mainly because that’s the nickname I have her quite a while ago. She’s always fluttering around the house with seemingly boundless energy, but she also loves the beauty and gracefulness of hummingbirds….

Rivers of Cuenca Ecuador

5 River Walk in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 25)

Today, we decided to take a long walk along the 5 rivers in Cuenca Ecuador. The Tarqui meets the Yanuncay not too far from our house so we started there. Then we walked along the Yanuncay to the point where it meets the Tomebamba, which is the main river that runs through the center of Cuenca.

Then we ventured down to where the Milchichig joins the Tomebamba. The Milchichig rivers is actually more of a stream and most people don’t refer to it as a river. However, on the day of this walk, we had had a lot of rain so it was unusually full….

Amelia Tribal Fusion Cuenca Ecuador

The Half Moon Can’t Tell Time + Sweat Inducing Indian Food (Episode 24)

Today, we ventured out to Panadería Del Día and Déjame Que te Cuente Chocolatería in our neighborhood. In the afternoon, Amelia went to Tribal Fusion for belly dancing class and we ended up at Namaste India for dinner. We had planned on grabbing a pizza para llevar (for takeout) at Fratello, but Amelia and I miscommunicated our plans and they were closed by the time Amelia finished up with belly dancing.

We hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery, and the interesting people we meet along the way here in Cuenca, Ecuador. We’ve also included some Spanish language learning opportunities for you….

Tienda Néctar Cuenca Ecuador

Caught In The Rain + Organic Food Shopping in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode #23)

Today we ventured down to Tienda Néctar located in El Centro, one of our favorite organic markets. They carry a few things like tahini, dates and organic soaps that can be difficult to find. They also get Braggs Liquid Aminos on occasion.

After Néctar, we came back home for lunch and then left again for Jungle Gym back in El Centro on Calle Larga. On our way back home, we got caught in a rainstorm. We waited for about 10 minutes in the ATM kiosk at Banco Pichincha and then under the awning at the Valgus Hotel….

International Cube Day 2018 Cuenca Ecuador

International Cube Day 2018 Cuenca Ecuador Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth

International Cube Day happened to fall on Independence Day here in Cuenca, Ecuador this year and we opted to do an Anonymous for the Voiceless Cube of Truth instead of partaking in the Independence Day festivities….

Cuenca Days 2018

Cuenca Days 2018: Celebrating Cuenca’s Independence (Episode 22)

This weekend is bustling with activity here in Cuenca, Ecuador as we celebrate the annual Cuenca Days 2018 event. Cuenca achieved its independence from Spain on November 3rd, 1820 and they pull out all the stops to celebrate Independence Day with art fairs, food festivals, parades, concerts and fireworks. 

Thousands of people descend on our little Andean mountain city this time every year, while many of the native Cuencanos head to the coast to escape the chaos. The streets, parks and restaurants are packed with people, and everyone seems to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Warm Sourdough Bread + Dark Coffee in Cuenca Ecuador

Warm Sourdough Bread + Dark Coffee in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 21)

We were out of bread so we walked to Tosta Gastropub to get some fresh baked, warm sourdough bread. They usually have several different kinds of sourdough, including quinoa, integral (whole wheat), amaranto and white. It’s located on Solano just south of Remigio Crespo Toral in a white building with blue doors and windows.

After we bought a couple loaves of bread, we walked over to Goza Espresso Bar for some delicious dark Ecuadorian coffee on our way back home….

Cuenca Flower Market, Telicioso & Simon

Cuenca Flower Market + Fresh Tea & Cold Beer in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 20)

Today we did another one of our Sunday afternoon city walking tours. On our way to the Cuenca Flower Market, we stopped by Telicioso Tea Room to get some of our favorite tea. Then after we bought Amelia some new earrings and some beautiful flowers, we went to Simón for some papas fritas y cervezas.

We hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery in Cuenca, Ecuador, and the interesting people we encounter along the way. We’ve also included some Spanish language learning opportunities for you….

A Little Girl Made Me Cry – Cube of Truth #1 in Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 19)

This is the first time Amelia and I have ever participated in any sort of protest…EVER! It doesn’t really fit our personalities. We prefer to lead by example and live a quiet life, free of conflict.

However, our buena amiga (good friend) Rosy from Fratello Vegan started a Facebook group called AV Cuenca, Ecuador, which is a chapter of the Anonymous for the Voiceless group founded in Australia. She also created the group Veganismo 101 to help people switch to veganism.

Rosy told us all about the Cube of Truth concept, which really resonated with us, so we decided to give activism a shot. Well, actually, Amelia decided to give it a shot and told me I had to go. 

And I’m glad she did. While it was a very emotional experience, it gave me some optimism to see so many people interested in veganism…