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Amelia And JP Q&A

Our First Q&A (Episode 86)

We get a lot of the same questions via the comments on our videos and via email, so we thought we’d answer several of them in this video. Please let us know if you have any others and we’ll add them to our next Q&A video….

Bring Pets to Ecuador

Bringing Pets to Ecuador: Daisy and Alicia’s Excellent Adventure (Episode 85)

We’ve had LOTS of questions about how to bring pets to Ecuador and about how pet-friendly Cuenca is, so we thought we’d record a quick video talking about our experience bring Daisy and Alicia here. It was quite the adventure!

For our fellow vegans, we’re using the term “pets” in this post and in the video for SEO value. More people search for pet travel and pet services than they search for companion animals or fur babies so we don’t want to miss out on that search traffic…

Cuenca Day In The Life + Vegan Lunch at YuraVeg & Shopping at Sukasa

Cuenca Day In The Life + Vegan Lunch at YuraVeg & Shopping at Sukasa (Episode 84)

Let us know if you’d like to see more of these Day In The Life videos. They’re a lot of work to film and edit, but we really enjoy making them.

In this video, we walked over to YuraVeg for vegan lunch and then on to Gringolandia and Sukasa. We hope you enjoy the beautiful scenery and the interesting people we see along the way….

Vegan vs Plant-Based

Vegan vs. Plant-Based: What’s the Difference? (Episode 83)

Welcome to our blog! We haven’t thought to promote it before, assuming people would dig deeper and find it, but several people pointed out they didn’t know about it so we thought we’d tell you.

All of our videos have an associated blog post with more pictures, context, details and links to relevant information and businesses. If you ever have a question that we didn’t cover in the video, check the blog post linked in the YouTube description. It might be there.

This video is a response, of sorts, to the rash of “ex-vegan” YouTube “celebrities.” Several, including Rawvana and Raw Alignment, have said they’re eating animal products due to health issues caused by their previous “vegan” diets, which were extreme fad diets that happened to be vegan.

These people were never actually vegan, though. They lacked the vegan ideology and mainly focused on the diet/vanity aspects related to being thin. Additionally, many of them were using veganism to hide an eating disorder for which they need to seek professional help….

Our Big Surprise + Emergency Trip to US Embassy in Guayaquil

Our Big Surprise + Emergency Trip to US Embassy in Guayaquil (Episode 82)


Amelia is finally letting me tell you because we can’t keep it a secret any longer. That’s because we had to make an emergency trip to the US Embassy (Embajada de los Estados Unidos) in Guayaquil to get my passport renewed. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Our friends Chinnu and Abin from Namaste India are getting married! Their story is a full blown India Rom Com (Romantic Comedy) that we’ll share on a later date.

We’ve been going to Namaste since our first week in Cuenca, and we forged a friendship with Chinnu and now Abin, too. We’re VERY honored to be invited and excited to attend their wedding in southern India!

We will also be staying in Amsterdam for a week on the way to India, Amelia’s first time to Europe and my first time to mainland Europe. But before we can go, we have some obstacles to overcome…

Flashback Day In Our Life + Apartamentos Otorongo Tour

Flashback Day In Our Life + Apartamentos Otorongo Tour (Episode 81)

This is a flashback day in our life. When we first moved here and stayed at Apartamentos Otorongo, we had a daily routine that included fresh fruits & veggies, and fresh baked bread…

Cuenca Expat Pros & Cons Part 2 (Episode 80)

Here is our Cuenca Expats Pros & Cons list, our second top 10 list of things we love about Cuenca and a few things we don’t love so much….

Upper Cajas Cuenca Ecuador

Hiking in Upper Cajas National Park – Cuenca, Ecuador (Episode 79)

On this excursion outside Cuenca, Ecuador, we went to Upper Cajas in the Cajas National Park. Edwin picked us up about 9:30AM and the drive took us about 45 minutes to reach the check in station.

Entry into the park is free, but we did have to sign in at the building by the parking lot before venturing down the trail toward the lake…

Yoga in the Park + 3 Year Veganversary

Yoga in the Park + 3 Year Veganversary (Episode 78)

We celebrated our 3-Year Veganversary over the weekend! We went vegan on March 8th, 2016 and haven’t looked back! We did several fun things to celebrate our compassionate, environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle, and we share a couple of them with you in this video.We also just passed 500 subscribers on our Amelia And JP YouTube Channel! Thank you all for subscribing and continuing to watch our videos! They’re quite the labor of love so knowing so many people enjoy them makes it all worthwhile!

San Sebas + Marc's Consignments

Cuenca Museum of Modern Art in San Sebas + Marc’s Consignments Tour (Episode 77)

This day in the life video is a walking tour of the San Sebas (or San Sebastian) area of Cuenca Ecuador. 

Our first stop was at Marc’s Consignments. One of our very first subscribers, Marla, will be moving here to Cuenca in June and she requested a tour of one of the consignment stores….