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Spring in Amsterdam + Canal Tour

Amsterdam In Spring 2019 + Canal Tour – India Part 3 (Episode 96)

We TOTALLY lucked out on the weather during our stay in Amsterdam! It has been unseasonably warm following an unseasonably cold snap. We barely saw a cloud during our 5 days here! We’re off to India tomorrow!

Drama at 35,000 Feet + AirBnB Apartment Tour

Drama at 35,000 Feet + AirBnB Apartment Tour – India Part 2 (Episode 95)

We left Miami on British Airways and headed to Amsterdam via Heathrow. This video shares our journey across the pond, Amelia’s drama on the airplane and a tour of our super nice AirBnB apartment in the Jordaan neighborhood of Amsterdam. 

India Part 1 Cuenca to South Beach

Our Journey from Cuenca Ecuador to South Beach Miami – India Part 1 (Episode 94)

WE’RE GOING TO INDIA! Two of our friends from Namaste in Cuenca are getting married in Southern India and we’re going to their wedding!

Our first stop is South Beach Miami for 2 days…

Ecuador Visa Types and Process 2019

Ecuador Visa Types & Process 2019 – Interview w/ Maité Durán at Gringo Visas (Episode 93)

We get a lot of questions about the types of Ecuador visas and the process for getting a visa in Ecuador so we arranged an interview with Maité Durán at Gringo Visas. She and her team helped Amelia and me get our temporary resident visas when we decided to move to Ecuador.

Maité founded Gringo Visas over 9 years ago after she moved back to Ecuador from Connecticut. She thought the process was very confusing and difficult to navigate as an Ecuadorian native trying to get visas for her US born children, so she thought it must REALLY be difficult for non-native Spanish speakers moving from another country. That’s when the idea for Gringo Visas was born….

High Cholesterol + Cuenca Bloodwork

High Cholesterol on a Vegan Plant-Based Diet + Bloodwork In Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 92)

We recorded this video several weeks ago, but it kept getting pushed down the queue for other, more time relevant videos.

Since we recorded it, the Nut Wars between Jeff Nelson at VegSource and Dr. Joel Fuhrman have simmered down, but that doesn’t make this issue less concerning for people like me (JP) with a strong family history of heart disease and a long-term battle with high cholesterol.

This video isn’t about the science or the confusion about cholesterol that has been systematically manufactured by the dairy, meat, egg, nut, cooking oil, avocado and other high-fat product industries. I’ll share the science in the blog in case you’re wondering about it. Instead, our video is about MY frustration with the plant-based doctors for not coming to consensus on this very important topic.

Fuhrman, Greger and other doctors say nuts are the key to living longer. Ornish and Esselstyn say they contribute to heart disease and can shorten our lives. Both sides can’t be right and they owe it to those of us in the high-risk heart disease category to put their egos aside and agree on the best recommendation.

If you have total cholesterol under 150 without paying any attention to your saturated fat intake, good for you. Please think of me when you’re chowing down on nuts, avocados, chocolate and coconut oil…

Cuenca Day In The Life + Lunch at Origami Sushi Cuenca

Cuenca Ecuador Day In The Life + Lunch at Origami Sushi Cuenca (Episode 91)

We’re back to business as usual with this Cuenca Ecuador Day In The Life video. Several people have asked us about organic or natural stores here in Cuenca, so we show you two of them in this video. Plus, we had some delicious vegan sushi for lunch at Origami.

As a reminder, we’re leaving for Amsterdam and India in a few days so our posting schedule will be a bit erratic. Please sign up for our newsletter and I’ll do my best to let you know when we’re going to post our next video….

Channel Name Change

Ciao, Vegans Abroad: Yes, We’re Still Vegan (Episode 90)

After MONTHS of consideration and an informal poll from many of our friends and fans, we have decided to change our YouTube Channel name from “Vegans Abroad” to plain old “Amelia and JP”.

Yes, we’re still vegan. That hasn’t changed. But we realized that our channel is about far more than veganism. In fact, we only spend about 10 to 20% of our time talking about vegan issues, and we don’t mention it at all in many of our videos…

Rock Climbing Cojitambo Ecuador

Rock Climbing in the Rain at Cojitambo Ecuador (Episode 89)

When Stephen said he wanted to come visit us here in Cuenca Ecuador, his main request was to do some adventure sports. Lucky for him, our friend Pietro is a rock climber and we have a great climbing mountain not far from Cuenca called Cojitambo.

If you missed our last video showing Stephen playing like a kid at Aventuri Cuenca, you can check that out here: Aventuri Adventure Park in Cuenca…

Aventuri Cuenca

Aventuri Adventure Park in Cuenca (Episode 88)

Our friend Stephen is visiting us from Denver for a few days and he requested some adventure activities while he’s here. Our first stop was at the Aventuri Adventure Park in Cuenca next to the white Turi Church.

In our next video, Stephen goes rock climbing in Azogues so be sure to check that out…

Dos Cumpleaños + Salsa en Cuenca

Dos Cumpleaños + Salsa en Cuenca (Episode 87)

We had a busy Tuesday with two birthday parties and my friend Stephen’s arrival from the states. On Thursday, we went to Café Libre for dinner and then Salsa Dancing at Verde Pintón y Maduro.

Be sure to check out our next video. Stephen does some crazy adventure sports here in Cuenca that Amelia and I would never do!