Olón is BOOMING! Plus, Meet our FAMOUS Ecuadorian Neighbor: Quimbita!

Amelia And JP VLOG 250: Despite water shortages, Olón continues to prosper. We have several new tiendas and restaurants, a few remodeled restaurants, electric scooter rentals, new bike sales, and a few new murals.

Plus, thanks to Ed Lindquist, and Yenis and Joel Bejas at Cuenca Expats Magazine, we got to meet our famous Ecuadorian neighbor: Olmedo Quimbita.

Quimbita is an internationally renowned Ecuadorian artist from Cotopaxi. His art has been featured in exhibitions in 20 different countries around the world. We’re not art experts, but his work reminds us of Picasso’s cubism with a touch of Inca and lots of bright Latin colors.

If you would like to learn more about Quimbita, Cuenca Expats Magazine will be sharing an expose about his history in their upcoming issue.

And if you would like to book a stay at the Quimbita Hotel here in Olón or buy some of his amazing artwork, you can learn more about that here.

As we mentioned in the video, I’m going to discuss President Elect Lasso’s top 10 policy plan for Ecuador in this week’s newsletter. It may be surprising to some, while calming to others. Whether he follows through with his plan remains to be seen, but at least we’ll know what’s on his mind.

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Here’s the link to the inspirational MOMO video: Be INSPIRED and Be WHOEVER you want in Ecuador! An UNCONVENTIONAL Origin Story…

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