Sunday in Olón Ecuador: Mercados, Walk Around Town + Sunset Beach Walk w/ Mini (2020)

Amelia and JP VLOG 190: This is our first day in the life video from our new pueblito on the coast of Ecuador. We took Daisy for a morning walk on the beach before heading up to the mercaditos just a few blocks from our condo here in Olón Ecuador.

We also walked back over to an artisanal bakery across the street from the mercaditos, but it has been closed for the past week. The guy at the traditional Ecuadorian bakery next door told us the owner has been really sick. Hopefully they feel better soon!

Since we can’t drink the tap water here, we also shared how we wash our fruits and veggies before wrapping up the video with a sunset walk along the beach. We’re not sure what the yellow flowering trees are called. If someone knows, please let us know in the comments.

Here are the Instagram accounts for the two people we met on our walk around Olón: Garrett Galvan and Nina Ragusa. We also featured them in this video: Amazing Tips for Living & Working Abroad from Garrett Galvan & Where In The World Is Nina!

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