Niraamaya Resort Tour + Kerala Farewell Feast (Episode 106 – Part 13)

This is the final video from our trip to 4 continents in 4 weeks. Our Niraamay Resort Tour is stunning. Plus, Chinnu and Abin’s family had a feast to celebrate the marriage, and to honor the attendance of the 4 gringos from Cuenca, Ecuador. Here are a few pics I took (click to enlarge).

Niraamaya Resort Tour – Kovalam, India

We also wanted to share our experience at Niraamaya Retreats in Kovalam because it was so memorable and amazing. Our beachfront cottage was very comfortable with amazing views of the Arabian Sea. The restaurant and staff were super accommodating and made sure we ate lots of delicious vegan food. And the grounds were so beautiful that we recorded a montage sequence for you to see. We highly recommend staying at Niraamaya if you’re ever in southern Kerala, India.

Niraamaya Resort Tour Photo Gallery

We LOVED our time at Niraamaya Retreats in Kovalam! Here are a few pics from our time there (click to enlarge).

Cochin International Airport Display – Kochi, India

After we left Munnar, we drove to Kochi to catch a flight back to Trivandrum. The Cochin International Airport is quite the sight to see. It’s one of the nicest, cleanest, most comfortable airports we’ve seen, and we were at 10 different airports on this trip alone.

The following display showing the traditional Kerala costumes was just before the security check. These costumes and makeup are worn during a Kathakali, or traditional Indian dance. Kathakali is a Hindu performance art in the Malayalam-speaking southwestern region of India where we stayed during our time in southern India. We saw a version of this performance at the Niraamaya Resort, which we showed in the video.

Can you imagine wearing all that clothes and makeup in 95 degree heat and humidity?! Click to enlarge.

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