Laugh along w/ us as we celebrate New Years Eve 2020 in Cuenca Ecuador

Amelia and JP VLOG 179: We had such an AMAZING New Year’s Eve with our friends here in Cuenca Ecuador! The India crew was reunited with Paul, Patrick, Abin, Chinnu, Amelia and JP. Chinnu’s nephew Francis also made a brief appearance in the video. We celebrated the 2020 New Year by burning monigotes and partying with all our neighbors in Parque El Vergel.

Last year, the monigotes were sold by the stadium near Supermaxi El Vergel, but this year they were sold on Avenida 1 de Mayo near Tres Puentes. Chinnu’s small monigote cost $3 + $2 for the mask. Our large monigote cost $5 + $2 for the mask. The large fancy monigotes made to look like popular figures cost only $15.

The store where Amelia and Chinnu bought their tiaras is called Duquesa Bisutería Fina. It’s located east of Solano on Avenida 27 de Febrero. They have all sorts of cool costume jewelry. Amelia’s tiara cost $12.80 and Chinuu’s was $14.

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