Medellín Colombia: A Jungle With a City In It!

Colombia has been on our list of must-visit places for a long time. So after a lot of research and a few recommendations, we decided to embark on a journey to Medellín.

Medellin ColombiaAfter a relatively short travel day from our home in Ecuador, we arrived in the vibrant neighborhood of El Poblado, with its bustling streets and lively atmosphere. Our AirBnB offered a breathtaking view of the city, allowing us to take in the beauty of Medellín from above.

One of the first things we noticed was the abundance of large trees, colorful flowers and plants with enormous leaves. It felt like we were walking through a jungle with a city in it!

As we explored the city, we stumbled upon a world of flavors at local restaurants like KaimeAMA Restaurante, and Florez Food Garden. The food was so delicious that we found ourselves returning to the same places way too many times!

We spent our days soaking in the sun on the patios of these restaurants, surrounded by the sounds of people from all over the world speaking different languages. We felt right at home amidst the diversity.

As we walked the streets of El Poblado, Sabaneta, Laureles, La Floresta and other areas during our visit, we were impressed by how developed and modern it was. The city is truly special, full of life and energy.

Our trip to Medellín was far more surprising and memorable than we expected. And far too short! We left with full hearts, full bellies and a full camera, eager to share our experiences with you.

We can’t wait to return to this beautiful city and continue our adventures, but next time, we’ll stay longer than a week!

Watch Our Video from Medellín Colombia


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