Volunteering at Los Amigos de Manolo Dog Rescue Cuenca Ecuador (Episode 28)

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to volunteer at the Los Amigos de Manolo dog rescue here in Cuenca Ecuador. Brian, one of the volunteers, saw us on YouTube and thought we might like to come film a video about the work they’re doing to care for and find homes for Cuenca’s homeless dogs.

Los Amigos de Manolo Amelia Brian Food

Brian has been a vegan for 8 years and his friend, Andreas, is a vegetarian. They are actively involved with the dog rescue and the vegan cause to help reduce the suffering of all animals.

The dogs are divided into different areas of the rescue according to their size. This smiling dog was so sweet and loved getting attention from Amelia.

Los Amigos de Manolo Amelia Smiling Dog

It costs about $50/day to feed the dogs, so they need food and money donations (for food). If you would like to donate money to Los Amigos de Manolo, Brian has that information on his website Mi Blog Animalista. They also have a Facebook group for the dog rescue.

He also has the contact information if you would like to volunteer or donate much needed dog food. Or, you can contact us directly and we’ll help make the arrangements.

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