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Medellin Colombia Real Estate Tour - Rincon del Aguacatal Condo

Medellín Colombia Real Estate Tour: 4 Amazing Properties

If you’re a real estate enthusiast like us, you’ll definitely enjoy this post about our recent real estate tour in Medellín, Colombia.

We had a blast exploring four amazing properties with a range of prices to fit almost any budget.

As an added bonus, we’ll also compare these Medellín homes to similar properties in Denver, Colorado, where we used to live.

Spoiler alert: Medellín offers some incredible value!

Cotacachi Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Cotacachi Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Cotacachi is a charming town located in the Andean region of Ecuador that has been drawing the attention of expats and real estate investors from all over the world.

Its strategic location, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant culture make it an ideal place for those looking for a second home, a retirement destination, or an investment opportunity.

One of the most appealing aspects of Cotacachi is its affordability. Real estate prices in Cotacachi are significantly lower than in other popular destinations in Ecuador, such as Quito or Cuenca.

Valle de los Chillos Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Jaw-Dropping Homes For Sale in Valle de los Chillos Ecuador

Valle de los Chillos is located in the southeast corner of the Quito Ecuador Metro Area and offers a diverse range of properties that are perfect for any budget.

This area is just a 30-minute drive from downtown Quito and 45 minutes from the Quito International Airport, making it an ideal location for those looking to be close to both city and airport amenities.

Ajijic Mexico Rental Homes

Amazing Rental Homes (Lake Chapala Mexico)

Lake Chapala Mexico is one of the most popular areas to live and retire for expats from the United States and Canada. And Ajijic Mexico is by far the most popular town for expats in the Lake Chapala area.

Lake Chapala Mexico Homes For Sale

Shocking Homes For Sale on Lake Chapala Mexico

Lake Chapala and Ajijic Mexico is one of the most popular areas to live and retire for expats from the United States and Canada.

The weather is about as close to paradise as you can get, and there are lots of activities to keep you busy. It’s also about 30 minutes from the Guadalajara International Airport so you can easily fly back home or anywhere else in the world.

Rancho San Francisco Mansion Real Estate Tour Quito Ecuador

Unbelievable Mansion For Sale in Quito Ecuador!

If you’re looking for a peaceful and scenic place to live, close to the bustling city of Quito, then Cumbayá is the place for you.

Situated in the Andean foothills of Ecuador, Cumbayá is a small town that has quickly become a popular destination for expats looking for a new place to call home.

The area is renowned for its pleasant year-round weather, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant cultural scene.

Aquarela Cumbaya Ecuador Condo

Cumbaya Ecuador Real Estate Tour

We were in awe while recording this Ecuador real estate tour in Cumbaya, which is a suburb of Quito. The homes were amazing and the Aquarela condo development was simply unbelievable!

These are just three of countless homes that are available for sale and rent in the Cumbaya area. This area is one of the most expensive places in Ecuador.

Crucita Ecuador Real Estate Tour

Crucita Ecuador Real Estate Tour (Near Manta)

From cozy beachfront condos to spacious villas with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, there is a home in Crucita Ecuador to fit every budget and lifestyle.

Just a short 30-minute drive up the coast from the bustling city of Manta, Crucita is quickly becoming a popular destination for those looking to live the beach life.

With its stunning ocean views, warm weather, and laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Crucita has caught the attention of expats from all over the world.

Super Cheap Rentals!

Super Cheap Rentals! (and a much higher quality of life in Manta Ecuador)

The cost of rent and housing in the United States is crazy! But no one said you have to keep living in the United States! There are a LOT of other countries with cheaper housing and a higher quality of life!

Condos For Rent in Manta Ecuador

Condos For Rent in Manta Ecuador (On the Beach)

In this video, we’ll show you a few high-end condos for RENT on or near the beach in Manta Ecuador. 

The first and most affordable condo in this video is in the Poseidon, the second two are in the new Mykonos development, and the fourth is in the Santorini near Mall del Pacífico.

Manta Ecuador Condos For Sale Oceania

Manta Ecuador Affordable Luxury Condo Tours

Manta Ecuador is a coastal city located in the province of Manabí. It has become an increasingly popular destination for those seeking to invest in real estate in Ecuador.

With its idyllic climate, beautiful beaches, and growing infrastructure, it is no surprise that Manta has emerged as a top choice for property investment.

For those who are considering buying property in Manta, there are a number of options available, ranging from luxurious oceanfront condos to more modest single-family homes.

A Deluxe Penthouse in the Sky

A Deluxe Penthouse in the Sky (Manta Ecuador)

Our week in Manta ended with a HUGE surprise and a deluxe penthouse in the sky!

Affordable Beach Town Rentals in Olón Ecuador

Affordable Beach Town Rentals in Olón Ecuador

Many of you asked to see some affordable rental properties here in Olón Ecuador following the luxury condo rental tour video we shared a few weeks ago.

Beachfront Living in Olón Ecuador

Ecuador Long Term Rentals: Beachfront Living in Olón Ecuador

We’ve been living in Ecuador for almost 3 years, and we still get asked if our home has indoor plumbing, running water or dirt floors. We’re happy to report that the myth is not reality. While some of the more rustic, locals oriented homes do still have dirt floors, the vast majority of Ecuadorians and expats live in places that would fit anywhere in the US or the developed world.

Luxury AirBnB Condo

Edificio Bahía Chipipe Luxury AirBnB Condo Tour (Salinas Ecuador)

This beautiful, luxury AirBnB is located on Chipipe Beach just south of the malecón in Salinas Ecuador. We hope you’ll enjoy our tour as much as we enjoyed our stay in this amazing condo.

Salinas Ecuador AirBnB Tour

Salinas Ecuador AirBnB Tour + A Walk on Salinas Beach

There are lots of places to stay in Salinas Ecuador that cater to a higher end clientele like this beautiful AirBnB located just a short walk from the Salinas Malecon.