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Cuenca Ecuador Christmas Lights

Cuenca Ecuador Christmas Lights

After our delicious and relaxing dinner, we went for a walk along the Tomebamba River to see the Cuenca Ecuador Christmas Lights. We ended our walk at Otorongo Plaza, which is the location of the giant Christmas Tree of Lights.

A Stroll Through Parque Paraíso Cuenca Ecuador

Parque Paraíso Cuenca Ecuador is one of our favorite parks. We walk Daisy from our house along the Yanuncay river, around the park and back home nearly every week at least once. It’s a long walk and Daisy is getting older so we don’t always take her, but she loves to go there and smell the other dogs.

Cuenca Ecuador Day In the Life

Cuenca Ecuador Day In the Life

On weekdays, we’re usually working out of the house, but on weekends we’re very busy out and about. We started off our Cuenca Ecuador Day In the Life with a walk to Mall del Río for the annual Viva Salud (Healthy Living) event. However, it was a lot different this year than last. Life in Ecuador is often like a box of chocolates…

San Blas Cuenca Ecuador

San Blas Cuenca Ecuador + Delicious Lunch @ A Pedir de Boca

We love walking around Cuenca on Sundays because the city is so quiet. Most of the stores are closed on Sunday and there usually aren’t very many people out so it’s the perfect day to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery….

Indian Food Cuenca Ecuador

Sweat Inducing Indian Food Cuenca Ecuador

This is a fun day in the life video! We took a short walk to some neighborhood shops to start the day, but we ended the day with some sweat inducing Indian Food in Cuenca Ecuador.

In the afternoon, Amelia went to Tribal Fusion for belly dancing class and we ended up at Namaste India for dinner. We had planned on grabbing a pizza para llevar (for takeout) at Fratello, but Amelia and I miscommunicated our plans and they were closed by the time Amelia finished up with belly dancing….

Organic Food Shopping at Tienda Néctar Cuenca Ecuador

Organic Food Shopping at Tienda Néctar Cuenca Ecuador

Today we ventured down to Tienda Néctar Cuenca located in El Centro, one of our favorite organic food markets. They carry a few things like tahini, dates and organic soaps that can be difficult to find. They also get Braggs Liquid Aminos on occasion.

After Tienda Néctar, we came back home for lunch and then left again for Jungle Gym back in El Centro on Calle Larga. On our way back home, we got caught in a rainstorm. We waited for about 10 minutes in the ATM kiosk at Banco Pichincha and then under the awning at the Valgus Hotel….

Celebrating Cuenca's Independence Day

Celebrating Cuenca’s Independence Day

This weekend is bustling with activity here in Cuenca Ecuador as we celebrate Cuenca Days 2018. Cuenca achieved its independence from Spain on November 3rd, 1820 and they pull out all the stops to celebrate Independence Day with art fairs, food festivals, parades, concerts and fireworks….

Cuenca Flower Market - Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Flower Market in Cuenca Ecuador

Today we did another one of our Sunday afternoon city walking tours. On our way to the Cuenca Flower Market, we stopped by Télicioso Tea Room to get some of our favorite tea.

Then, after we bought Amelia some new earrings and some beautiful flowers at the flower market, we went to Simón for some papas fritas y cervezas (we recorded this in March 2018 before I realized I still had high cholesterol)….

Mirador de Turi, The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador

Mirador de Turi, The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador

The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador is just a few steps away! We hike up to the Turi Church at least once per week, but usually 2 or 3 times per week. There are 439 stairs leading up to Turi, but the shortcut we take adds another 126 stairs plus some steep hills. It really is the best free Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador!

Cuenca Ecuador Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping in Cuenca Ecuador

Today, we went shoe shopping in Cuenca Ecuador, and as a reward for my extreme patience, we went to Inca Lounge for cervezas on our way home. We also stumbled upon some improv dueling rappers in Parque de la Madre. You just never know what you’re going to see while walking around Cuenca!

Turi Church Steps Cuenca Ecuador

A Hike Up the 439 Turi Church Steps + Mall Del Río & Feria Mascotas in Cuenca Ecuador

Today, we decided to hike up the 439 stairs to the Turi Church again, just for exercise (yes, I also think Amelia is trying to kill me!).

Then we circled around to Mall del Río where we went shopping for a new pair of shoes for me, but we bought Amelia new shoes and shirts, instead. Then we went to Parque El Paraíso for the Feria Mascotas (Pet Fair)….

Sabatinos Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador

Sabatino’s Artisanal Market in Cuenca Ecuador + Belly Dancing & Music Festival

Today, we visited Sabatino’s Artisanal Market here in Cuenca Ecuador to get some organic peanut butter, vegan fudge, bread and other stuff. Then we stumbled upon a music festival at Otorongo Plaza celebrating 80 year anniversary of a local music conservatory. We ended our day in the life at Fratello for a delicious lunch and belly dancing performed by Academia Profesional de Danza Clásica “Tersícore”….

Bumba Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador

Bumba Artisanal Market Cuenca Ecuador + Tour of El Centro & Lunch at Café Libre

Today, we went to the Bumba Artisanal Market in Cuenca Ecuador before venturing onward to a popup outdoor textiles market and then to lunch at plant-based Café Libre restaurant in Cuenca.

We love to visit the artisanal markets like the Bumba Popup Market for fresh, organic, delicious, locally sourced vegan foods.



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