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7 Easy Tips to Survive the Expat Roller Coaster!

7 Easy Tips to Survive the Expat Roller Coaster!

When you finally decide to move abroad, fantasizing about your expat life is very exciting! You’ll dream of the possibilities and the adventure!

Super Cheap Rentals!

Super Cheap Rentals! (and a much higher quality of life in Manta Ecuador)

The cost of rent and housing in the United States is crazy! But no one said you have to keep living in the United States! There are a LOT of other countries with cheaper housing and a higher quality of life!

Cost of Living in Ecuador: A Guide for Expat Budgeting

Cost of Living in Ecuador: A Guide for Expat Budgeting

One of the main reasons expats leave home is to save money while also being able to afford a higher quality of life. The low cost of living in Ecuador and other popular expat destinations makes that possible.

How To Survive Culture Shock in a Foreign Country

How To Survive Culture Shock in a Foreign Country (like Ecuador)

Over the past few weeks, we heard from some new arrivals to Ecuador who told us they were having a difficult time adjusting to life here.

Condos For Rent in Manta Ecuador

Condos For Rent in Manta Ecuador (On the Beach)

In this video, we’ll show you a few high-end condos for RENT on or near the beach in Manta Ecuador. 

The first and most affordable condo in this video is in the Poseidon, the second two are in the new Mykonos development, and the fourth is in the Santorini near Mall del Pacífico.

Calling the United States from Ecuador

Best Options for Calling the United States from Ecuador

Calling the United States (or your home country) from Ecuador is cheap and easy. You have lots of different services and apps to choose from, and several may already be installed on your mobile phone or laptop.

Manta Ecuador Condos For Sale Oceania

Manta Ecuador Affordable Luxury Condo Tours

Manta Ecuador is a coastal city located in the province of Manabí. It has become an increasingly popular destination for those seeking to invest in real estate in Ecuador.

With its idyllic climate, beautiful beaches, and growing infrastructure, it is no surprise that Manta has emerged as a top choice for property investment.

For those who are considering buying property in Manta, there are a number of options available, ranging from luxurious oceanfront condos to more modest single-family homes.

A Deluxe Penthouse in the Sky

A Deluxe Penthouse in the Sky (Manta Ecuador)

Our week in Manta ended with a HUGE surprise and a deluxe penthouse in the sky!

Ecuador Health Insurance Private vs. Public IESS - EXPLAINED

Ecuador Health Insurance: Private vs. Public IESS – Explained

Health insurance in Ecuador can be complicated and confusing, but it actually works very well once you learn a few tricks. Ecuador has a public healthcare system, which is their version of universal care. There is also a private healthcare system that allows you to choose your own doctors and hospitals. In this article, we’ll explain both systems, the pros & cons of each and help you decide which is best for you.

11 Reasons Why You Should Leave the United States

11 Reasons to Move Abroad

Have you considered what it would be like to pack up your life and move abroad to a new country? If you have saved up some money, work as a freelancer, are considering early retirement, or you’ve joined the “remote working” society that has become so prevalent in the last year, moving abroad may be easier than you once thought possible.

Translate Website Spanish to English

How To Translate Websites to English from Spanish (or any other language)

In this article, we’ll show you how to translate websites to English from Spanish so you can start reading news articles and blog posts written in foreign languages.

Ecuador Cost of Living Mercado

Expat Life in Ecuador on Less Than $500/month

In this article, we’ll take a look at the typical monthly expenses you can expect to incur living in Ecuador. This is a guide to everything you need to know to make a $500 budget work well for you.

we LOVE being EXPATS from the United States

Why We Love Being Expats from the USA (in Ecuador)

You’ve been asking to see a video featuring our new eBikes so we took them for a spin along La Ruta Ciclística heading northeast out of Olón. We also talk about the top 10 reasons WHY we love being expats from the United States (and immigrants in Ecuador).

Expats in Ecuador from Queens NYC

Expats in Ecuador from Queens NYC: A Truly Unconventional, Heartwarming & Inspiring Story!

We have the great honor of sharing the inspirational and unconventional expat story of Luis and Kimberly from Soluna Sanctuary & Tea House.

La Libertad Ecuador Malecon

La Libertad Ecuador Malecón, Mercado and More

We went to La Libertad Ecuador to take care of some banking tasks and while we were there, we took a walk on the Malecón, stopped by a mercado, and went shopping for groceries at Mi Comisariato in Ballenita.

Affordable Beach Town Rentals in Olón Ecuador

Affordable Beach Town Rentals in Olón Ecuador

Many of you asked to see some affordable rental properties here in Olón Ecuador following the luxury condo rental tour video we shared a few weeks ago.

Street in Ecuador

How To Move Abroad: 10 Crucial Steps to Relocate in a New Country

Moving to a new country can trigger a life-changing transformation that is extremely rewarding.

Take it from us, we sold everything in 2017 and moved from Denver, Colorado to Cuenca, Ecuador. Since then, we’ve documented our experiences exploring the country and culture of Ecuador.

Once you’ve decided to move abroad to live your expat dream, there’s a lot of planning required to making that decision a reality. It can be hard to know where to start: everything from choosing a country to arranging a visa takes a lot of work. If you don’t have a well-formulated plan, the entire process can become overwhelming.

And that’s why we created this list of 10 crucial steps to make the process of how to move abroad less mysterious and confusing.

Beachfront Living in Olón Ecuador

Ecuador Long Term Rentals: Beachfront Living in Olón Ecuador

We’ve been living in Ecuador for almost 3 years, and we still get asked if our home has indoor plumbing, running water or dirt floors. We’re happy to report that the myth is not reality. While some of the more rustic, locals oriented homes do still have dirt floors, the vast majority of Ecuadorians and expats live in places that would fit anywhere in the US or the developed world.


The Real Reasons We Left the United States (and why we can’t move back)

Our only regret is not leaving the United States SOONER!

Reasons Not To Live Abroad Running-Away

15 Reasons to NOT Move Abroad

Living abroad is an experience of a lifetime for many, but only if you leave home with the right mindset and realistic expectations.

Some expats are simply unable to adapt for one or more of these reasons, and should NOT move abroad to Ecuador (or anyplace else).



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