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Colombia’s Healthcare System: An Expat’s Guide to Accessibility and Affordability

In this guest post, U.S. expat Daniel Arthur shares his knowledge of the Colombia healthcare system. Here is his story…

As an expat who moved from the U.S. to Colombia, I understand the anxiety about healthcare in a new country.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Colombia’s system not only accessible and affordable but also offering excellent care.

So, let’s dive into the details below. By the end of this article, I hope you’ll have a foundation for understanding the healthcare available in Colombia before you move!

Altitude Sickness

How to Avoid & Treat Altitude Sickness in Ecuador

You might be drawn to the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture of Ecuador, especially in high-elevation cities like Cuenca (8,500 feet / 2,560 meters) and Quito (9,400 feet / 2,865 meters); however, you may experience a unique challenge: altitude sickness.

Similar conditions are found across various mountain cities in Ecuador and throughout the Andes, so if you’re planning a trip, you may be wondering how to prevent or treat it.

This guide provides you with insights into the symptoms of altitude sickness and offers practical remedies and preventive steps.

With this knowledge, you can ensure your visit or move to Ecuador remains both comfortable and enjoyable.

The American Healthcare Crisis

The American Healthcare Crisis Is Worse Than You Thought!

It’s a devastating reality: many Americans are literally dying for healthcare – dying while they wait for it, or dying because they can’t afford it.

We often discuss the dire healthcare situation in the U.S. and compare it to other countries like Ecuador, where healthcare is both surprisingly better and cheaper.

For decades, Americans have been traveling abroad for medical care. The blossoming medical tourism industry is a direct reflection of the absurdities of the American healthcare system.

And we’re not only talking about elective or cosmetic procedures, but necessary medical and dental treatments as well.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism: Escape The USA Healthcare Scam!

Healthcare and Health Insurance in the United States is a huge headache that can rightfully cause you a lot of distress. We know people who work jobs they hate or even delay retirement simply because they need health insurance. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Ecuador Healthcare Experience

Our Ecuador Healthcare Experience

Before our recent hospital visit, we did not have in-depth personal experience with the Ecuador healthcare system. We know Ecuador has one of the best healthcare services globally, so we expected something nice. Pleasantly, our expectations were exceeded. The quality was so great that their affordable cost was almost shocking.

Ecuador Health Insurance Private vs. Public IESS - EXPLAINED

Ecuador Health Insurance: Private vs. Public IESS – Explained

Health insurance in Ecuador can be complicated and confusing, but it actually works very well once you learn a few tricks. Ecuador has a public healthcare system, which is their version of universal care. There is also a private healthcare system that allows you to choose your own doctors and hospitals. In this article, we’ll explain both systems, the pros & cons of each and help you decide which is best for you.

Eye Exam Cuenca Ecuador

Shocking Experience w/ Eye Exam & Glasses in Cuenca Ecuador at SOi Opticas

Our first eye exam and glasses purchase in Cuenca Ecuador at SOi Opticas was efficient, affordable and enjoyable. Being able to see is NOT overrated!

Dental Tourism in Cuenca Ecuador

Dental Tourism in Cuenca Ecuador + the Surprisingly Low Cost of a Crown

Dental tourism is a growing trend due to the outrageous cost of healthcare in the US and other developed nations. The quality and cost of my new crown from a highly qualified dentist in Cuenca Ecuador will shock you.

Elder Care in Ecuador

Elder Care in Ecuador

Elder care in Ecuador is available, but not nearly as prevalent and somewhat different than in the U.S.

Ecuador is a familial culture, so it’s very common for multiple generations to live under the same roof. That means there is less need for dedicated nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Ecuador.

You will find some “tercera edad” (third age) facilities in the major cities like Cuenca, Manta, Quito and Guayaquil, but most expats who need elder care typically opt for in-home services provided by a nurse.

The Best Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador - Dr. Grace Ordoñez

The Best Dentist in Cuenca Ecuador – Dr. Grace Ordoñez

We’ve had several questions from our loyal subscribers about our medical and dental experiences here in Cuenca Ecuador so we thought we’d share our trip to the best dentist in Cuenca Ecuador for 2019 (according to….

Cuenca Hot Springs Novaqua Tour in Baños Azuay Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Hot Springs Novaqua Tour in Baños Azuay Cuenca Ecuador

After a busy day of work, we decided to go to Novaqua in Baños Azuay just outside of Cuenca. It’s one of several spas in Baños Azuay with hot springs pools. While we enjoy the other places, we prefer Novaqua because it’s adults only.

If you have kids or enjoy listening to kids play, we recommend Hostería Durán, which is just a short walk from Novaqua. It has a nice kid’s pool, as well as a nice thermal bath room that’s perfect for relaxing. The last time we went to Hostería Durán, it cost $8 per adult and I believe they also have kids rates. However, their kitchen is not very vegan friendly so be sure to take snacks….

Mirador de Turi, The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador

Mirador de Turi, The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador

The Best FREE Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador is just a few steps away! We hike up to the Turi Church at least once per week, but usually 2 or 3 times per week. There are 439 stairs leading up to Turi, but the shortcut we take adds another 126 stairs plus some steep hills. It really is the best free Cardio in Cuenca Ecuador!