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Can I afford to live in Ecuador on Social Security?

Ecuador is a popular destination for retirees, particularly for Americans and Canadians. The low cost of living and warm weather year-round are among the main reasons why people choose to live in this beautiful country.

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Can I live in Ecuador on my social security income?” So in this article, we break down the cost of living in Ecuador and give you an idea of what your life might look like on the average social security check, which is just over $1,700 per month (as of August 2023).

10 Countries with Affordable Cost of Living

10 Countries Where You Can Live for $1,000/mo (or less)

Inflation and stagnant wages are dragging down the quality of life for millions of people in “1st world” countries. Thankfully, there are more affordable places to live.

The developing world, and even some developed countries, offer a much lower cost of living, while at the same time offering a much higher quality of life full of adventure and new friendships.

In this article, we share 10 countries where a single person can live on $1,000/month or less, and a couple can live on $1,500/month or less.

Each of these locations offers affordable housing, food, utilities, and healthcare, along with exciting cultural experiences and a welcoming expat community.

Cost of Living in Ecuador

REAL Cost of Living in Ecuador for 2023: A Guide for Expat Budgeting

One of the main reasons expats leave home is to save money while also being able to afford a higher quality of life. The low cost of living in Ecuador and other popular expat destinations makes that possible.

In this article, we’ll share how much you can expect to pay for necessities in Ecuador, like rent, utilities, healthcare, transportation, food, appliances, and more.

Cuenca Ecuador El Centro

Why Ecuador Is Better than Mexico for Retirees & Expats!

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t qualify for a Mexico temporary residency visa, you may want to consider Ecuador, instead.

Ecuador Cost of Living Mercado

Expat Life in Ecuador on Less Than $500/month

In this article, we’ll take a look at the typical monthly expenses you can expect to incur living in Ecuador. This is a guide to everything you need to know to make a $500 budget work well for you.

Olón Ecuador Condo Tour & Cost

Olón Ecuador Condo Tour & Cost + Drama on the Beach w/ Mini (our new drone)

We give you a room-by-room tour of our condo in Olón Ecuador and share the cost of rent. We also share our first drone footage of Olón and the beautiful coast of Ecuador!

Salinas Ecuador Chipipe Beach

Salinas Ecuador Cost of Living (w/ REAL Prices)

This Salinas Ecuador Cost of Living video covers rental costs, living expenses, real prices for a variety of things, as well as some other common costs of living in Salinas. If you’re thinking about moving to Ecuador, check out our Ecuador Expat Info page for more videos and detailed blog posts…

Cuenca Ecuador Rental House + Monthly Living Expenses

Cuenca Ecuador Rental House + Monthly Living Expenses

Here’s our Cuenca Ecuador Rental House Tour. Plus, we share our cost of living and monthly living expenses in spring of 2019 as two American expats.