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Cuenca Ecuador Christmas Parade

10 Reasons Ecuadorians Leave (And Why it Shouldn’t Bother You)

Immigrating to a new country takes a lot of time and thought, so of course, you want to be sure that the place you’re moving to is just right. Many would-be expats interested in starting a new life in Ecuador look at the immigration statistics and see that lots of Ecuadorians are leaving their country. This can be troubling.

Loja Ecuador

A Week of Wonders: Exploring the Charming City of Loja Ecuador

We arrived in Loja, Ecuador just as darkness was falling. It was cloudy and a light rain fell, forming puddles on the street. We were worried that our first day in Loja would be more of the same, but we were pleasantly surprised when the sun woke us up the next morning.

Vilcabamba Ecuador

The Beauty of Vilcabamba Ecuador: An Unforgettable Day

Nestled in the lush green valley of the Andes Mountains, Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a quiet little town that’s known for its beauty and its reputation as a place of healing and rejuvenation.

48 Hours In Cuenca Ecuador Things To Do

48 Hours In Cuenca Ecuador: FUN Itinerary to Experience the Gem of Ecuador

We were so excited to be able to return to one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world, Cuenca Ecuador. There’s so much to do, and we were able to pack a lot into 2 days.

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Cuenca for a few days and want to make the most of your time, here’s a fun itinerary to experience the breadth of the city in just 48 hours!

Cuenca Ecuador New Cathedral

Experience the Charm and Beauty of Cuenca Ecuador

When we stand in the heart of Cuenca, Ecuador, we can’t help but feel completely in awe of such a beautiful city. The vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and endless opportunities for adventure are truly special. Nestled in the Andes mountains, Cuenca is a place where the past and present come together, creating a unique and old world atmosphere.

Why Expats Love Cotacachi Ecuador

Why Expats Love Cotacachi Ecuador (mostly)

Cotacachi, Ecuador, is one of the most popular cities in Ecuador among expats. It’s a small, slowly growing and developing town in the Andes Mountains gaining popularity for its rich culture, climate, low cost of living, and scenic beauty.

Ecuador Healthcare Experience

Our Ecuador Healthcare Experience

Before our recent hospital visit, we did not have in-depth personal experience with the Ecuador healthcare system. We know Ecuador has one of the best healthcare services globally, so we expected something nice. Pleasantly, our expectations were exceeded. The quality was so great that their affordable cost was almost shocking.

Why Expats Leave Ecuador

Why Expats Leave Ecuador (and never come back!)

We know at least a thousand expats who live in Ecuador, but only a handful who have left. However, the reasons expats leave Ecuador are relevant to anyone considering a move here.

The better prepared you are for the challenges of living abroad in a new country, the better your chance of enjoying it and staying.

Popular Expat Restaurants in Cuenca Ecuador

Popular Expat Restaurants in Cuenca Ecuador

We’re often asked for a review of popular restaurants in Cuenca Ecuador where expats like to eat.

During our two and a half years of living in Cuenca, and our recent visits, we had the opportunity to eat at a lot of restaurants. While we can’t possibly cover all of them in one video, we did share our experiences with over 3 dozen!

Vilcabamba Ecuador Pros & Cons

Vilcabamba Ecuador Pros & Cons

Vilcabamba Ecuador has been popular with expats for a long time. It’s a quaint mountain town that sits in a valley surrounded by beautiful panoramic views.

It was originally considered for inclusion in the list of Blue Zones, which are areas around the world where people live exceptionally long.

However, it didn’t make the final cut because the birth records for the oldest people couldn’t be verified.

Loja Ecuador First Impressions

Loja Ecuador First Impressions

After nearly 5 years in Ecuador, we FINALLY visited Loja! You have been asking us to film there for years, and now the wait is over!

We spent a full week in Loja and logged nearly 20 walking miles, so we got a pretty good feel for the city and what it has to offer. We were surprised by a lot of what we saw. Overall, it was not what we expected.

The Toucans & Waterfalls of Mindo Ecuador

The Toucans & Waterfalls of Mindo Ecuador

In our last video we showed you a FLOCK of hummingbirds, but in this video, you’ll see a variety of colorful toucans and tanigers who live in Mindo Ecuador!

Plus, we’ll take you along on a hike through the jungle that looked like it was straight out of Romancing the Stone!

Ecuador Protests 2022

Ecuador Protests Have Ended (2022)

After several hours of deliberation, and a return to the negotiation table after everyone thought it was over, the government of Ecuador and the leaders of the indigenous protests have reached an agreement to end the paro (strike).

Ecuador Protests 2022

Ecuador National Protests Update #2 (2022)

If you have a trip planned for the next week, we recommend canceling it. With road closures throughout the country, and widespread food, fuel, propane and medical supply shortages, it’s not a good time to visit Ecuador.

Ecuador Protests 2022

Ecuador National Protests (2022)

This is day 11 of the indigenous-led national protests in Ecuador. We aren’t going to discuss the politics because we aren’t a political channel and try to avoid politics completely.

Shipping a Car to Ecuador

Shipping a Car to Ecuador

It seems like we get this question daily: Can I ship my car to Ecuador? Unfortunately, the answer is NO, you cannot bring a vehicle to Ecuador unless you are a returning Ecuadorian citizen.

In fact, you cannot bring a car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart, or anything with a combustion engine that’s used for transportation. You are allowed to bring electric bikes and scooters with your household items, but not electric cars or golf carts.

Why Expats LOVE Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador Pros & Cons for Expats

Cuenca Ecuador has been near the top of the “best expat cities” list for over a decade and a lot of expats live in Cuenca because of its international renown. 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a modern city with old world charm, affordable living, and a variety of amenities. However, like any place, it also has its drawbacks.

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of living in Cuenca Ecuador to help you decide if it’s the right expat city for you.


Cost of Food in Cuenca Ecuador

This video shows a typical travel day for us. We usually eat breakfast and dinner at our Airbnb, and we eat lunch out at a restaurant. You can find traditional Ecuadorian lunch called “almuerzos” for $1.50 to $4.

When we’re at home, we only eat out once or twice per week (sometimes not at all) so our average food bill runs about $7 to $9 per day per person.

Shipping Household Goods to Ecuador

Shipping Household Goods to Ecuador

Learn about logistics, process, import regulations, timeframes and cost to ship your household goods to Ecuador.


3 Famous Villages Near Cuenca Ecuador (San Bartolomé, Chordeleg, Gualaceo)

This video shows one of the most popular day trips from Cuenca Ecuador. We visited San Bartolomé, Chordeleg and Gualaceo. Each town has a unique trade that makes them famous throughout Ecuador and South America.


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