Keukenhof Tulip Garden Spring 2019 Amsterdam (Episode 97 – Part 4)

We hope you enjoy our tour of the amazingly beautiful Keukenhof Tulip Garden just south of Amsterdam. It’s only open for 2 months out of the year while the tulips are blooming so we were fortunate to be there during that small window on a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day.

It was a beautiful place, as you can see in the video and the photos below, and we highly recommend visiting if you’re here in the spring. However, there were a LOT of people so be prepared. We went at the worst possible time: Easter Sunday at 11AM. The best times to go are when they first open or when late in the day before they close, and on a weekday. Avoid weekends if you don’t like being elbow to elbow with other people.

Keukenhof Tulip Garden Photo Gallery

The flowers were unreal, and my camera did a good job of capturing their amazing beauty. Click to Enlarge.

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