India Wedding Day! Chinnu & Abin’s Marriage and Reception Party

The big day has arrived! It’s India Wedding Day! Join us as we share in Chinnu and Abin’s very special day in Adimali India!

The India Wedding (aka Marriage)

You may have noticed that they aren’t facing the congregation, like we see in western weddings. That’s because they’re Orthodox Catholic. Everyone faces the altar during mass and weddings. They also refer to the ceremony as a “marriage” instead of a “wedding.”

Chinnu & Abin’s India Wedding Photo Gallery (Click to Enlarge)

Our Marriage Blessing

If you watched Episode 101, we shared the story of how we got our marriage blessed by Chinnu and Abin’s priest. When we told them we went to the courthouse to get married and didn’t have a wedding ceremony, they were shocked and appalled. Abin picked up the phone and called Basil who then called their priest to arrange the marriage blessing.

It all happened in just a few minutes and they didn’t give us an option to say no so we decided to embrace it and accept their kind gesture. After the wedding ceremony, we ventured over to the priest’s office where he performed the blessing and we exchanged the rings that Chinnu helped us select back in Trivandrum. The ceremony was short and slightly humorous, which was perfect for us.

Marriage Blessing Photo Gallery (Click to Enlarge)

The Reception

The reception was held in a gymnasium a short drive from the church. It was unbelievably and unseasonably hot during our stay in Adimali so everyone was feeling the heat, but no one more than Abin. He had 4 layers on: undershirt, shirt, vest and sport coat. They were on the stage greeting guests and getting their pictures taken for a couple of hours. He must have been boiling!

In western weddings, the reception is the big party that usually goes on all night. However, in Indian weddings, the pre-ception on the previous night was the big party. The reception only lasted a few hours and was mainly about picture taking and eating delicious food.

One of the young ladies who was running the show asked someone from our group to say a few words. No one else wanted to speak in front of several hundred Indians, so took the mic and congratulated them on their marriage and expressed our gratitude for the invitation and their extreme hospitality.

Reception Photo Gallery (Click to Enlarge)

We had SOOO much fun at Chinnu and Abin’s wedding and we’re SOOO glad we made the trek halfway around the world to be there.

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