How WE Got Pickpocketed on a SHORT Bus Ride in Ecuador!

Amelia and JP VLOG 192: We’ve talked about it often but it never happened to us, until now. We were taking a short 50 cent bus ride from Olón to Montañita Ecuador when our pocket got picked and we lost an iPhone 6 worth several hundred dollars.

We made a mistake. Simple as that. We walked up to the taxi stop to catch a cab from Olón to Montañita, but there were no taxis. Instead, a bus came along and it was hot so we decided to hop on. What we didn’t realize was the bus was completely full! Standing room only!

Since we had it in our heads that we were taking a cab, we weren’t mentally or physically prepared for a jam packed bus so we hadn’t secured our valuables. If this happens again, we will turn around and get back off the bus to avoid being swarmed and pickpocketed.

Besides, my balance is horrible due to the nerve damage caused by my spinal injury so it’s unsafe for me to ride standing up on a speedy, jerky bus. We were both holding on for dear life with both hands, leaving my pockets and Amelia’s bag exposed and easy to access.

We only took our eye off the ball for a minute, but that’s all it took for a skilled pickpocket to steal our old iPhone. We won’t make that mistake again.

Here’s some more information on the Red-masked Parakeet that we saw in the video:

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