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Please read the author and article requirements below, and then submit your topic idea(s) by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Guest Author & Article Requirements

Here are some guidelines to help ensure your article gets published on our blog. Stories should go into detail about one topic that we can position for SEO rather than try to cover everything in one article.

Types of story topics we’re looking for:

  • Your experience moving abroad
  • Why you chose your destination over others
  • Pros & Cons of where you live
  • Monthly Cost of Living (with real costs)
  • A typical day in the life
  • Social activities and events
  • Meeting people and making friends
  • Healthcare experiences and cost
  • Pet care and travel experiences and cost
  • The process and experience of buying a property
  • Learning the language
  • Renting vs buying
  • Your Visa Experience
  • Ways you earn online income, work online, digital nomad tips, etc.

Things we can’t post:

  • Politics, religion, or nutrition commentary or advice
  • Hate speech or anything that encourages violence or breaking the law
  • Criticism of service providers (positive reviews are welcome)
  • Anything that is NOT related to being an expat, living abroad, traveling, or earning online income

Article requirements:

  • Must be at least 750 words and no more than 3,000 words
  • Must be written in first person (I, We)
  • Must contain personal experiences, lessons learned, funny anecdotes, mistakes, successes, etc.
  • Must NOT be published anywhere else (e.g. other websites, blogs, Medium, Tumblr, etc.)
  • It would be great if you can also provide 3 to 5 royalty-free photos that we can use in the article (ideally, photos that you took, or photos of you taken by a friend)

Author bio requirements:

  • You must provide a square photo of yourself to be used as your author profile picture (you must be clearly visible in the photo)
  • You must provide a short, one-paragraph author bio that will be used for all your articles
  • You can optionally provide a link to another website to be used in your author bio

Example posts from other guest authors:

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a business owner (real estate agent, visa agent, YouTuber, blogger, podcaster, etc.). Can I submit articles and promote my business?

Yes. You can submit articles and subtly promote your business. You can even link to your website.

How often can I submit articles for consideration?

Please limit your submissions to 2 articles per calendar month.

Will you guarantee to publish my article?

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee that we will publish your article. However, if it fits one of the story topics we’ve requested and meets the other article requirements, we will most likely publish your article.

Will you tell me if you decide not to publish my article?

Yes. We will let you know if we think your article isn’t a good fit for our audience, or if we think it needs more detail or revisions before we can publish it.

Will you edit or change my article?

We may edit for clarity or reformat for readability, but we will not make changes to the substance of your article.

Will I get final approval before you publish the article?

Yes. We will send you a link to review the article before publishing it on our blog and promoting it to our audience.

How long will it take to publish the article after I submit it?

We will try to publish your article within 2 weeks of submission, but it could take a month or more depending on our content schedule and other guest posts already in the queue. We cannot guarantee a timeframe, but our goal is to publish content as quickly as possible.

Can I publish the article on other websites?

No. The articles you submit to be published on must be unique and cannot be published anywhere else or Google will penalize our website for duplicate content.

Can I share the published article with my friends, family, and followers?

Absolutely! We encourage you to share the link to the article published on with everyone! That helps us reach more people and it helps you establish yourself as an expert.

Guest Author Application

Please provide as much detail as possible in the form below. Do NOT write or submit a full article here. Once we have a chance to review your information, we’ll respond with further instructions about submitting a completed article.

Tell us more about yourself. What city or country or type of online income do you want to write about? What experience or expertise do you have about the topics we're requesting? Do you have a website you want to promote in the article? Do you have an affiliate program? Anything else you think we should know? (If we asked you to write for us, you can just write "Hola.")
Please submit your topic idea(s) and we will respond with instructions for submitting the full article if we think the content is a good fit for our audience. Please do NOT write the article until you hear back from us.
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