Goza Café Cuenca + Warm Sourdough Bread from Tosta (Episode 21)

We walked to Tosta to get some fresh baked, warm sourdough bread near our house here in Cuenca Ecuador. On our way back home, we stopped by Goza Café Cuenca to get some delicious, dark Ecuadorian coffee.

Tosta Cuenca Ecuador

We LOVE getting fresh, warm sourdough bread from Tosta Gastropub near our house here in Cuenca Ecuador. They usually have several different kinds of sourdough bread, including quinoa, integral (whole wheat), amaranto and white.

Tosta Cuenca Ecuador 2

Tosta is located on Solano just south of Remigio Crespo Toral in a white building with blue doors and windows. They had a fire a couple months ago and moved to another space in the same building, but their delicious bread remains unchanged.

Tosta Cuenca Ecuador Sign

All of their sourdough bread is vegan, but they sell a few other things that aren’t so be sure to ask if that’s important to you.

Tosta Cuenca Ecuador

Goza Café Cuenca Ecuador

After we bought a couple loaves of bread at Tosta, we walked over to Goza Espresso Bar for some delicious dark Ecuadorian coffee on our way back home.

Goza Cafe Cuenca Ecuador Amelia

Goza Café Cuenca is a popular coffee shop and restaurant here in Cuenca with several locations, including this relatively new one near our house in El Vergel.

Goza Cafe Cuenca Ecuador

Unfortunately, they don’t have many vegan food options and they don’t carry non-dairy milk, but they do sell delicious Ecuadorian coffee. It tastes so good we don’t put anything in it! We drink it black!

Goza Cafe Cuenca Ecuador Coffee

It’s too bad we don’t have smell-o-vision yet because it’s hard to describe how wonderful the fresh baked sourdough bread and dark coffee smelled!

We hope you enjoyed our fresh bread and coffee walk in Cuenca, Ecuador today. Please remember to like, comment and share our video, and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you’d like us to make a video about something specific or if you have questions, please let us know in the comments.

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