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We SLASHED more than $1200 from our monthly budget by moving abroad and ditching our cars.

Unfortunately, the United States is built around cars and individual transportation. It’s next to impossible to get around without your own vehicle.

However, in most other countries, cities are designed to be walkable and bikeable, while public transportation is very efficient, affordable and widespread.

We’ve lived in Ecuador for 5 years and still don’t own a car. We don’t miss it and don’t plan to buy one.

We walk most places, which helped us lose weight after we left the US, and it continues to help us stay in better shape.

After just 3 weeks in the US, we’ve both gained 5 pounds from not walking and eating out more because we spend too much time in the car and don’t have time to cook.

In Ecuador, when we can’t walk, we use public transportation, call a cab or hire a private driver.

We just don’t need a car in Ecuador, and the personal and financial benefits are tremendous!

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