Food With Friends Featuring Rachel + Weird Exotic Fruit Tasting (Episode 50)

In this episode of Food With Friends, our friend Rachel joined us for some delicious Lazy Girl Easy Vegan Enchiladas and weird exotic fruit tasting.

Weird Exotic Fruit Tasting in Cuenca Ecuador

The fruits we tasted were Dragon Fruit (pitahaya in Spanish), Ecuadorian Guava and Sapote.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is extremely sweet and juicy. Just cut it in half and dip out the goodness with a spoon. We love Dragon Fruit, but it is a very effective laxative so it’s best to eat in extreme moderation. That little bit I ate in the video completely cleaned me out the next morning!

Ecuadorian Guava

Ecuadorian Guava

The Guava is a lot different than us North American’s are used to. Here in Ecuador, it’s a pod with a white, edible cotton-like pulp and lots of slimy black seeds. The pulp is sweet with the consistency of cotton candy. None of us were huge fans of this fruit. It was mostly seeds and the edible pulp clings to them so you have to put the whole thing in your mouth and spit out the slimy seed.



The Sapote was quite delicious, but a bit stringy with lots of large seeds. It was hard to cut and the strings got lodged in our teeth requiring floss to remove them. It tasted like a cross between a cantaloupe and a sweet pumpkin, but the the consistency of a stringy mango. While it was a bit more high maintenance to eat than a mango, it was delicious and we all agreed, worth buying again.

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