Food With Friends Featuring Olesya (Episode 35)

This is our first “Food With Friends” episode on Amelia And JP. We have several friends in Cuenca who have asked us to help them cook more plant-based meals so we thought we’d share the experiences with everyone.

In this episode, Olesya joined us to make our Tofu Scramble recipe, and we also improvised a sweet potato recipe to go with it. The Tofu Scramble recipe can be found on our sister recipe and meal plan website, We haven’t published the new sweet potato dish yet but we do have another Sweet Potato Hash recipe that’s delicious.

Olesya is transitioning to a full vegan diet and already eats mostly plant-based. Over coffee one morning, she mentioned that she hated tofu, mainly because she didn’t know how to prepare it. So we invited her over to share our delicious Tofu Scramble recipe, which she loved! Now, she wants to come back for our Easy Vegan Lasagna made with Tofu Ricotta so look for a future video with Olesya.

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