New Expat First Impressions of Cuenca Ecuador + We Got Fingerprinted!!! (Episode 116)

In this video, a couple of our subscribers and new arrivals share their New Expat First Impressions of Cuenca Ecuador. Plus, Amelia and I got fingerprinted! Relax… It’s for the background checks we need to file our Ecuador Permanent Residency Visa application.

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Cuenca Ecuador Fingerprints

Cuenca Police Station Fingerprints

Before we went to Zatua Miski to meet Bonnie and Gary, we started our afternoon with Maite from GringoVisas. She and Francisco drove us to the police station near the airport to get our fingerprints for our background checks.

It took us over an hour to get our fingerprints taken at the Cuenca police station. Things tend to always take longer than expected here in Ecuador. It’s one of the cultural differences here. Doctors office visits are faster than the States, everything is slower.

The extra time was mainly due to a couple of suspects who were being booked. Amelia called them criminals in the video, but we don’t know anything about them and they’re suspects until they’ve been found guilty.

You only met Francisco very briefly in the video. He’s an attorney here in Cuenca and he handles immigration cases, as well as other civil and real estate cases. We’re going to do a full video about him in the future, so stay tuned for that.

If you need to get in touch with Maite or Francisco, it’s best to contact them directly through their website at

New Expat First Impressions of Cuenca Ecuador

New Expat First Impressions of Cuenca Ecuador

After we left Maite’s office at GringoVisas, we took a cab to El Centro to meet Bonnie and Gary at Zatua Miski for some delicious postres (desserts).

Bonnie and Gary moved to Cuenca about two months ago and were kind enough to share their first impressions of Cuenca Ecuador. They were a little homesick at first, which is very common, but they’ve settled into daily life here quite well.

In addition to a growing social life, they’re also taking Spanish classes. They are very happy with their decision to move here, and they’re very thankful for the welcoming Ecuadorian hospitality.

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