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  1. William John McMaster
    William John McMaster says:

    hey guys I have been watching your videos on Youtube. Trying to figure out where to find an affordable place to live in this world. Can you help me looking at Salinas is it possible for me…After tax and my health insurance I have $1030 us I dont need alot live very simple. I have a decent savings For the just in case and what if senerio..Fear is present only as its an unknown but this is what motivates me to educate myself and Ive always been able to walk thru my fears. I sure would appreciate any suggestions …I would most likely just get my documents in order jump on a plane and than find a hotel while I hustle to find more permanent accomidations. I would be renting probably not buying a place. Plan is to give it a year and see if its a fit for me. I will need to learn spanish and have always never had problems figuring out things in new places guess I thought I would just reach out to you guys as your a couple of pros with more wisdom than me on Ecuador.

    Billy McMaster


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